Healthy Hair Isn't Always The Cleanest Hair

Healthy Hair Isn't Always The Cleanest Hair

We're all on a quest for really good hair, the kind that involves minimal effort and always looks like we just sexily rolled out of bed. And while there are some pretty amazing products that help get that look, one of the best ways to get truly amazing hair is to skip the daily shampoo. The weird, counterintuitive truth is that healthy hair isn’t always the cleanest hair. To get model worthy hair that's got texture, body, and shine, your best bet is to tone down the hair washing to every other day. 

Those Good Oils

While it goes against what we've been taught, our hair actually looks better when we've given it a chance to build up some of its oils. Our scalp naturally produces this oil, which provides moisture and works as natural protective barrier for our hair. While we do want to clean that oil out every few days, a little bit of it is a good thing. It's what keeps our hair from looking dry, brittle, and overly processed.

Harshing My Mellow

In addition to stripping good oils, commercial shampoos are often too high on the PH scale. This is bad for us, because our hair and scalp are acidic, and our hair looks smoothest when it's at its natural acidic state, which means tightly closed the cuticles. So skipping the shampoo every other day is going to get you smoother, better-looking hair.

Meet Your New Best Friend

So what's a boy or girl to do on the days when you need some body and lift but shampooing isn't the answer? That's easy: Texture Powder or dry shampoo. It's amazing what a little bit of powder (filled with healthy minerals and natural botanicals) applied right to your roots can do. Texture Powder provides instant body and texture, minus any harsh, damaging suds. The best part if you'll end up saving time getting ready and look better than ever. You really just roll our of bed and say "I woke up like this."


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