Fruit Infused Water Is Better Water

Fruit Infused Water Is Better Water

We all know we're supposed to drink water, and lots of it, in order to stay in tip-top health. The amount of water a person should consume per day is dependent on a person's health, gender, age, and level of physical activity but the general consensus is to drink between 9 and 13 cups a day; a bit more than the old adage to drink eight glasses of water a day. Water is essential for basic bodily functions and helps keep one's skin looking healthy and hydrated.

But even knowing the facts, sometimes we need a little boost to help us choose the healthiest of beverages over other options. That's why we suggest filling a pitcher or large bottle with the ingredients for one our favorite fruit/ herb combinations and adding filtered or sparkling water, for flavor spiked water that will make you reach for the right stuff every time.

GRAPEFRUIT BASIL INFUSED WATER: Combine grapefruit slices and sprigs of basil for a semi-tart herbal flavored beverage.

MANGO STRAWBERRY LEMONGRASS INFUSED WATER: This fruity infusion combines sliced strawberries, julienned mangos, and lemongrass stalks.

CUCUMBER LIME & MINT INFUSED WATER: Create a refreshing spa inspired water by combining cucumber and lime slices with a few sprigs of mint.

GINGER LEMON INFUSED CHIA WATER: Soak chia seeds in water with lemon juice and grated ginger for an energy boosting infusion. 

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