Five Father's Day Gifts For The Cool Dad

Father's Day, the day when we take a moment to thank and celebrate that fatherly figure in our life with a gift of gratitude, is less than two weeks away. If your father is at all like mine, you may have received an email stating: "Hi. For Father's Day I would like a short sleeve shirt that pairs well with black, blue, or khaki pants. Love, Dad."

If your dad doesn't fall into the very direct- and maybe somewhat boring- category that mine does, then you're going to have to think of something a little more exciting to give him come June 19th. 

Welcome to The ANY Magazine's 5 Gifts for the Cool Dad: Five Father's Day Gifts For The Cool Dad.

Summerland Pleasure Point Bong - $160

Dads have it hard. They work most of their life and then spend the rest of their time dealing with their beloved and most likely exhausting children. So what better way to let Dad kick back and take a load off than with a Summerland bong. 

Spend Pops back to the good old days with a beautiful white ceramic bong that looks as good as the way it will make him feel. Available at

Nootrobox Go Cubes 20 x 4-packs - $53.10

Give Dad the freedom to forget the morning cup of joe hassle. For dads-on-the-go, Nootrobox's Go Cubes are a god-send. Two of these gummy candies are packed with 100 mg of caffeine, or about one cup of coffee. They also contain L-theanine, B6, and methylated B12, which all aid in improving focus and clarity. Available at

Glass Teapot with Basket Infuser 38oz - $46

If your dad is not a coffee drinker or coffee chewer, there's the Forlife Bola Tea Pot. Fill the pot with hot water, then add loose leaf tea to the infuser, and in a few minutes you have a pot of hot tea ready to serve. Unlike a traditional tea pot, the magic transformation is visible through the glass walls so you can watch it happen right before your eyes! Available at

Alder New York Comb and Pomade Set - $25

Cool Dads are cool because they know how to put themselves together. Help Dad out with Alder New York's Comb and Pomade Gift Set. Made from beeswax and healthy hydrating oils, this pomade nourishes hair while providing the perfect hold. Paired with a 100% pre-consumer plastic comb, this set will have your dad looking fly AF. Available at

Alex Crane Sun Cap - $58

Class up Dad's crappy made in China polyester baseball hat with Alex Crane's Linen and Leather Sun Cap. Take the go-to accessory for dads everywhere into 2016 with local production, natural materials, and a timeless color way. Available at


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