Father's Day Gifts That Your Dad Could Really Use

Father's Day Gifts That Your Dad Could Really Use

I think of Father's Day as an opportunity to give my dad something that's a tiny upgrade to what he already has. For years, I've been gifting Ted Baker polos in hope of seeing less of the Costco brand shirts that he's prone to wearing. Here are 5 additional gift ideas to make your dad's day-to-day just a little nicer.

Fellow Barber gift card

A Quality Cut & Shave

Who doesn't love the barbershop? But often the local spot they've been hitting up for years is just a little too...old fashioned. A gift card from Fellow Barber will allow Dad to get his favorite treatments with a modern touch. 

Fellow Barber $10-$250

Alder New York Everyday Skincare Gift Set

A Skincare Upgrade

I was shocked the other day to hear that my dad uses a bar of soap to wash his face. Dads often need a little extra hand-holding when it comes to self-care. That's why this year for Father's Day he's getting an Alder New York Everyday Skincare Set. Goodbye bar soap!

Alder New York $96

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

A Cold Brew Maker

Upgrade your dad's summer coffee game with this new cool cold brew maker. It's a fun new gadget that is actually a very useful home appliance.

Amazon $35

Edge Alarm Clock

A Better Morning Alarm Clock

Give your dad more options in the morning- the Edge Alarm Clock comes with a glowing ambient light and a shake activated snooze option.

MoMA Design Store $49

Weber Lime Green Grill

A Lime Green Grill 

It's a cliché but Dads and grilling go hand in hand. It just makes sense. Get the classic Weber with a twist. He might complain about the color but trust me, he'll like how it stands out. 

Weber $249


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