Embracing Your Natural Hair Never Looked So Good

When I go through old photos, I can easily tell exactly what month, year, and sometimes even day in the past I’m looking at by the style of my hair. Blond, Red, Blue- you name a color, I’ve probably done it, as well as curly, straight, and a mish-mash of whatever textures are in between. 

It’s only as I get close to thirty that I’ve realized how I look best: embracing my natural color and texture. And I think this pretty much holds true for everyone. If you’ve got big hair, you never have to worry about styling a look ever again- you’ve got impact. And if you have sleek, straight hair, you can shag it up in a way us texture-heavy folks can only dream of. And if you’re balding? Dude, a bald head is a very sexy head.

The Millennial Beauty Standard

I think the best part of beauty standards in the millennial age is the embracing of what makes us all unique. Gone are the days when Christy Brinkley was the gold standard- and only standard- for a generation of women, implying that basically any lady not white, blond, and thin was out. Likewise for men and the idea of chest hair, or no chest hair, depending on the decade, as the only acceptable way to do body hair. 

Maybe part of this move towards  “embracing imperfections" (ew to that phrase) is that most of us -men and women- are so busy with careers and interests and living full lives, that the idea of spending hours upon hours dying and blowdrying and waxing and sculpting is just not appealing. I remember, back in my straight hair days, looking at the weather report with my jaw set, knowing that my newly straightened hair was going to frizz into a gnarly mess in a matter of minutes, and trying to come up with excuses to keep myself - and whatever plans I was making- indoors. That’s insanity, and not something I care to engage in ever again.

The Great Hair Experiment Continues

Don’t get me wrong- I am all for experimentation, and I encourage it. I have a hard time committing to the idea that I will never stray from my God-given locks ever again, because I just know I am going to wake up in two years and want to try the platinum thing again. But my point is that, while it’s fun to play with style, it’s nice to know that at our least primped, we all still look pretty darn good.

Now, my hair is one of my favorite features. I always get compliments, and often get asked if it’s real, which is hilarious, since I spent years using artificial means to get it to somewhere I liked. And I love that my morning routine often consists of rolling out of bed, sprinkling some Texture Powder to restore volume and...that's it!

So this Spring, embrace your natural hair (or lack thereof). You’ll look better for it. 

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