Do Cucumber Slices Really Reduce Eye Bags And Puffiness?

I wanted to know: does placing cucumber slices over your eyes really do anything to reduce puffiness, or is it just one of those beauty myths? So I began my search for scientific evidence to find out what it was about cucumbers that made them key in this beauty treatment. To start, I looked at a few studies that made some seriously impressive claims about the fruit. 

Fight those Free Radicals

Cucumbers are rich in antioxidants like vitamin C and K and cucurbitacins and cucumerin - the same ingredient that makes turmeric so incredible. Vitamin C is believed to fight free radicals and promotes collagen synthesis for youthful looking skin. Vitamin K is believed to reduce irritation and is often used to treat spider veins, stretch marks, treat rosacea, and heal scarring. Cucurbitacins and cucumerin have been used for there anti-inflammation and anticancer effects in folk medicine and have been a focus of cancer research.

Soothe The Pain Away

Cucumbers are also responsible for soothing the effects of burns and are a natural source of silica, a crucial element to the formation of collagen.  More collagen means better looking more elastic skin.

The great skin boosting qualities of the cucumber seem almost endless until we get to reducing puffiness.

It became clear in my research that the cucumber has little to do with reducing any swelling. You can use just about anything to reduce swelling as long as it's been chilled first. Puffiness under the eyes or eye bags appear when there is a build up of fluids in the body, and like any other puffiness, a treatment of cold compresses will relieve some of the swelling.

Just Do It

When it comes to cucumbers specifically, there isn't really any scientific information to support that the fruit works any better or worse than any other form of cold compress. What has been proven is that there are a lot of other benefits to using cucumber as a topical skin treatment. So yes, cucumbers reduce eye bags, but not because they are cucumbers. But given their multiple other health benefits, you shouldn't stop putting them over your eyes. In fact the next time you're slicing up a cucumber for your salad put some aside for your face.

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