DIY: Matcha Latte Face Mask

DIY: Matcha Latte Face Mask

We've talked about Matcha ad nauseam. It's backed with caffeine, L-Theanine, and antioxidants galore, and it's not only great when ingested, but also a killer topical treatment. That's why it's the star ingredient in our Matcha & Honey Face Masks , which will be the base for our Matcha Latte rendition.

We'll also be using milk to sooth and soften skin. You can use whole cow's milk or goat's milk. If you want to go for a non dairy version, almond or coconut milk works too. 

To get started you'll need a bowl to mix up your mask, a pouch of Alder New York Matcha & Honey Face Mask, milk of your choice, a brush, a tablespoon, and a whisk. 

To make a single application of Matcha Latte Face Mask combine two tablespoons of milk with 1 tablespoon of face mask in a bowl. Using the whisk whip the mixture until you reach your desired consistency. Using the brush apply to your face and wait between 8 and 15 minute or until the mask feels dry on your face. Then wash of with warm water.

The result will be gently exfoliated, impurity free, smooth, and hydrated skin.

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