DIY: #kale Face Mask

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The star of last year's salad is the star of this years facial. Kale, that crunchy, hearty superfood that even Beyonce endorsed is also popping up in boutique face creams and serums, and Oasis Day Spa has made a whole cult-y facial from it.

If you're DTF with a blender, you can jump on the trend at home with a DIY facial, using aloe vera liquid, honey, and of course K-A-L-E. Aloe vera is wonderful for reducing inflammation and acne and we love honey on our skin as it's antibacterial and cleansing. 


As for the benefits of kale: it's super high in Vitamin K which is often used to treat spider veins and stretch marks, treat rosacea, and heal scarring. It's also high in lutein, which is known to improve skin elasticity. 

We can tell you that we tried it in the office, and were sincerely blown away by the results. David left it on one side of his face for thirty seconds, and we all immediately saw less swelling and redness on the side he'd applied it to. It was pretty crazy (not that David's face is usually weirdly puffy; it just really tightened and smoothed his skin!). We can't recommend this face mask more highly. One billion thumbs up. 

#kale Face Mask

  • Handful of organic kale
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 2 Tablespoons of aloe vera liquid

Throw everything in the blender and blend till it's smoothish. Apply to face. We like using a paintbrush or makeup brush for easier application as it is somewhat runny. Leave on for desired amount of time and then rinse off with water.


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