DIY: Barber Shop Hot Towel

I love getting my hair cut. It feels so good to be pampered and leave with every hair in place. I always head to one of our favorite stockists, Fellow Barber, for a trim and straight razor clean up, followed by my favorite part, a hot eucalyptus scented towel. The fresh clean scent of eucalyptus wafts up from the moist towel, my pores open up, and any irritation from the cut is gone. It's by far my main motivation for getting a trim. 

How to Get a Barber Shop Hot Towel at Home:

It may seem too good to believe, but that amazing sensation of the barber shop towel can easily be recreated at home by following the simple steps below. You only need a few supplies: a towel, a few drops of essential oil, and hot water; that's it.

STEP 1: locate a towel that can extend from the left side of your forehead down under your chin to the right side.







STEP 2: Apply a few drops of essential oil to the towel. Common scents include eucalyptus, sage, and lavender.







STEP 3: Soak the towel in hot water. Let it cool until it's a comfortable temperature. Squeeze out excess water.







STEP 4: Fold the towel until it's narrow enough to fit under your chin. Wrap it upwards towards your forehead.







STEP 5: Cover your eyes and forehead leaving space for your nose and mouth. Press gently on your eyes.







STEP 6: Remove the towel and enjoy the cool refreshing feeling. 










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