Current Obsessions - Volume 09

Current Obsessions - Volume 09

Current Obsessions is our recurring feature where you'll get an inside look into what Alder New York's Chief Creative Officer David Krause and CEO Nina Zilka are currently obsessing over.

1 NZ: In keeping with the March 2020 redux vibes, I’m eyeing loungewear to keep me home in style. These Suku Home ones are 100% bamboo and silk screened by hand with perfectly-imperfect stripes.

2 NZ: I’m bummed that I missed the latest CJ Hendry exhibition, Blonde, but at least I have the incredible images of the event- and the many hyper-realistically-drawn wigs- to obsess over.

3 NZ: I love all tiny things and I love mid-century modern furniture, so why wouldn’t I love MCM furniture made to 1:6 scale?

4 NZ: Vegan treats that look like crystals and come in a jewelry box? I cannot think of a better, more indulgent gift for those I love than these Misaky snacks.

5 NZ: Alder New York's Smoothing Face Mask has saved my skin from extensive KN95-mask-wearing and dry winter weather. Thank you hyaluronic acid! 

6 DK: Gucci and North Face have released their second collaboration of everything from boots to tracks suits. The stand out of the collection for me is this forest print down coat complete with massive Gucci x North Face logo on the back.

7 DK: I've started buying Divina's Dolmas in bulk and have adopted the probably-not-so-great habit of eating a full can of these oil-packed stuffed grape leaves as meals and I can't get enough.

8 DK: Winter is the worst when it comes to keeping my skin hydrated. Lucky for me I have an unlimited supply of Alder New York's Everyday Face Moisturizer and my skin is so thankful!

9 DK: I purchased this bottle of natural MUZ vermouth at a local natural wine shop in Hunter, NY and it has become my favorite evening drink. Just serve it over ice with a slice of orange.

10 DK: I have too many extension cords running around my house. I never seem to have an outlet were I need. For those particularly visible spots this Shinola one is so chic it makes poor outlet placement seem like a design feature.

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