Current Obsessions - Volume 07

Current Obsessions - Volume 07

Current Obsessions is our recurring feature where you'll get an inside look into what Alder New York's Chief Creative Officer David Krause and CEO Nina Zilka are currently obsessing over.

1 DK: The amazing soudough breads and pastries from Hudson, NY bakery Breadfolks are impossible to resist. I've made it a habit of toasting a slice of their pullman loaf every morning and it's alwayS exactly what I wanted.

2 DK: Colder weather, and increased stormy winds means it's time to pull out Alder New York's Fortifying Face Oil. It's the perfect oil for keeping my skin hydrated without leaving my skin looking greasy or shiny.

3 DK: Todd Snyder and L.L. Bean just came out with their second collaboration and the resulting shirt jackets, sweaters, and accessories are the perfect combination of fashionable and outdoorsy practical.

4 DK: Levi, my Italian Greyhound has been spotted so many times being carried around in his camo print bag that I think it's finally time for a new one. Lucky for me (and Levi) Wildone just released a new tote in three super chic colors.

5 DK: I know it's weird to be obsessed with a toothpaste but Uncle Harry's makes my teeth feel and look cleaner than any other product. Whenever I forget it when traveling and have to use any alternative I'm reminded how superior this all-natural option is.

6 NZ: The yin yang as clothing accessory is back, and I especially like it in the form of the Poppy Lissiman camera bag.

7 NZ: I’m dreaming about owning a Disco Mirror from Mirrors By Lina. When the light hits the reflective surface it’s especially dramatic.

8 NZ: Succession is back on the air finally. It feels so good to be back with such terrible, terrible people once again.

9 NZ: There is a casualness to the way you can lean Hay’s Neon Tube Light against a wall that I find very appealing.

10 NZ: I’m finally going on some plane trips, and remembering just how much I love Alder New York’s mini size Everyday Face Moisturizer. It safely fits in my clear TSA-approved “liquids” bag and keeps me glowing and hydrated when I land.

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