Current Obsessions - Volume 06

Current Obsessions - Volume 06

Current Obsessions is our recurring feature where you'll get an inside look into what Alder New York's Chief Creative Officer David Krause and CEO Nina Zilka are currently obsessing over.

1 DK:  After years of subpar soap dishes that have left my bar soap scummy and the dish full of murky water, Alder New York's Plant Fiber Soap Dish has ended decades of soap dish disfunction- it's the perfect design.

2 DK: At Field and Supply earlier this month I became obsessed with this handmade ceramic lamp by Dumais Made. The only thing stopping from purchasing it right now is that I have absolutely no need for another table lamp or a surface that can handle this massive beauty.

3 DK: Living in Upstate NY in the winter in an almost 200 year old house mean slippers are a must-have. These black ones from Greats are so stylish I think I might have to buy another pair for outside of the house.

4 DK: It's candle season again and this year my go-to candles are made by Catskill-based Village Common. Their plant-based candles all smell amazing but by favorites are Chisos and Back In Avenel.

5 DK: Woodhouse Pizza at Woodhouse Lodge in Greenville, NY has been my favorite place for good pizza but also really good sides like roasted carrots, and whipped white beans.

6 NZ: I stopped by Alder New York stockist Markt in Silver Lake while in LA this weekend and I want every single quirky vintage piece they sell. I had to settle for grabbing some Alder New Your face masks (forgot to bring some with me) and a Chunks checkered hair clip that I knew would fit in my carry-on.

7 NZ: I’m newly a devotee to Color Camp. They make the coolest looking press on nails that are custom sized to your nails and can be reused. I love that I can pop them on for a weekend away and take them off when I’m back to my regular nail-destroying regular life.

8 NZ: There is nothing that brightens me up faster than Alder New York’s Brightening Face Mask. It really does produce a glow that nothing else can duplicate and I refuse to go to any event until I’ve done one.

9 NZ: My (extremely cool) dentist Dr. Jennifer Plotnick of Grand Street Dental couldn’t get PPE for her team at the height of the pandemic, so she collaborated with her patient (and one of my fave designers, Dusen Dusen) to make her own. She’s been selling them close to cost to other dentists across the world who also couldn’t get PPE for their teams, and I love the ingenuity and collaboration of this design.

10 NZ: I thought I knew all there is to know of the Clinton impeachment story but the incredible acting from the likes of Edie Falco, Sarah Paulson, Clive Owen, and Beanie Feldstein in American Crime Story: Impeachment keeps me on the edge of my seat.

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