Current Obsessions - Volume 04

Current Obsessions - Volume 04

Current Obsessions is our recurring feature where you'll get an inside look into what Alder New York's Chief Creative Officer David Krause and CEO Nina Zilka are currently obsessing over.

1 NZ: I love all things fake food so I'm drooling over Mociun's new breakfast food charms. A tiny diamond bruised banana? Yes please.

2 NZ: Pandemic-brain makes it hard for me to read books so I've turned to graphic novels. The Best We Could Do is Thi Bui's beautiful and haunting exploration of her parents escape from Vietnam and the inherited trauma her family carries.

3 NZ: I ran out of Alder New York's Cleansing Body Bar for a second last month and my skin did not appreciate it. It turns out glycolic acid and jojoba seeds really do keep my skin clear- it wasn't just wishful thinking.

4 NZ: I have cats and love nice rugs which is a tough combo. I haven't tried them yet but am eyeing the new Jonathan Adler X Ruggable collection, especially the snake print.

5 NZ: I adore these sustainably made, hand-crafted brooms from students at Berea College, a tuition free college that specializes in crafts. Why didn't I know this place existed when I was applying to colleges?

6 DK: I've gotten lazier when it comes to getting dressed - enter the jumpsuit, it always looks put together and you don't have to worry about styling or coordinating separates.

7 DK: The classic Bjorn Qorn is flavored with just salt and nutritional yeast providing a nutty almost cheesy taste. It's insanely moreish.

8 DK: Lately all I've wanted to watch is Trixie and Katya's Youtube show UNHhhh, it's so stupid and hilarious.

9 DK: Whenever I slip from my gua sha routine my face starts to look so round and puffy. I'm currently back on my weekly gua sha sessions and the results are shockingly good.

10 DK: My Upstate, NY farmhouse has old stone walls snaking along the property and I've become a little obsessed with repairing and rebuilding them. It's one part creative endeavor and one part workout, an extremely rare and rewarding combination.

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