Current Obsessions - Volume 03

Current Obsessions - Volume 03

Current Obsessions is our recurring feature where you'll get an inside look into what Alder New York's Chief Creative Officer David Krause and CEO Nina Zilka are currently obsessing over.

1 DK: Season 2 of Never Have I Ever is now available on Netflix. It's a wonderfully refreshing high school drama/comedy that's a true delight to watch.

2 DK: I'm still living for our Cleansing Body Bar. It's legit the best bar soap I have ever used.

3 DK: If I could wear this blue and white Alex Mill shirt every day I would. It's the perfect weight, fit, and style that looks good with everything.

4 DK: Highland mini micro cows are legit the cutest animals in the world and I can't stop dreaming about the day I'll have one of these long-haired-lovelies.

5 DK: The Roly Poly chair by Faye Toogood is just the right amount of strange to take an average room to stunning. I just love it!

6 NZ: Even if I actually lived it as a preteen, I'm totally on board with Gen Z's 90s nostalgia. Right now I'm eyeing vintage watch rings on Etsy and trying to figure out if I should go for a pink or red clock face.

7 NZ: The minds behind Every Outfit On Sex & The City now have a podcast and and I love their very particular views on fashion and culture.

8 NZ: NYC's muggiest summer yet is wreaking havoc on my skin. Alder New York's Clarifying Face Mask is the only thing keeping my breakouts at bay.

9 NZ: Weeknight dinners can be hard to plan and Omsom's Yuzu Misoyaki sauce on roasted eggplant over rice is my current favorite hack.

10 NZ: Dinner parties are back and I want my guests bathed in candlelight. I'm loving these hand-dipped candles from Maine.

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