Can You Reduce Dark Under Eye Circles?

Can You Reduce Dark Under Eye Circles?

Dark under eye circles got you down? As someone who deals with them, I know how frustrating they can be. In a world of acne and eczema remedies, it can seem like there isn’t a whole lot for those of us battling dark under eye skin. But there are actually a few key things you can do to combat that pesky coloring.

Why Do Dark Under-Eye Circles Happen?

Dark under eye circles can occur for a few reasons, and unfortunately, most of them are genetic. Many of us simply have thinner skin around our eyes, which means darker blood vessels show through, some of us are born with darker pigmentation under our eyes, and some of us have engorged blood vessels around the eyes.  

Cut the Bad Stuff Out

But there are certain behaviors that definitely exacerbate the issue. It you smoke, it is time to put. the. cigarettes. down. As if you needed another reason to quit, smoking is intensely drying to your skin, especially the delicate area around your eyes. It also zaps hydration from your body internally, leaving you with drier, thinner skin. Both of these factors only make under eye circles more pronounced.

Ditto when it comes to alcohol. Alcohol widens blood vessels, which makes under eye circles look more intense. So as always with drinking, moderation is key.

Get Your Rest

Getting enough sleep is a challenge in our modern world. But let vanity be your motivation to turn off you iphone and tuck in early. When you don't get enough sleep, your skin becomes dehydrated and dull, which leads to hollow areas beneath your eyes that allow your blood vessels to really show through. In addition, a lack of sleep causes fluids to build up around your eyelids, which casts shadows underneath your eyes. So put on that sleep mask and get to bed.

Wear Sunscreen

Too much sun is often the cause of hyper pigmentation around the eyes. Make sure you're using a good SPF on your face and especially around the delicate eye area, and throw on your favorite pair of sunglasses for added protection.

Vitamim C is your Friend

Vitamin C is great for dark under eye circles as it both brightens skin and promotes collagen production. I can't get enough of Alder New York's Brightening Face Mask for this very reason. The mix of vitamin C and chamomile extract work wonders to brighten my face and reduce my dark under eye area. And though they're often recommended for dark under eyes, steer clear of vitamin A, aka retinol, during the day. Though it is indeed helpful for collagen production, studies show it causes cancer when your skin is exposed to sunlight. If you want to try it for your under eyes, make sure you're only using it at night.

Use Cold Eye Compresses

Even if you follow all these tips, if it's genetic, you're going to have under-eye circles in some capacity. But a good way to decrease them before you have somewhere to be is to apply a cold compress to your eyes. Cold applications constrict your blood vessels, which reduce dark under eye circles. Keep eye creams in the fridge, and cold sliced cucumbers really do work for this purpose.

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