Your Survival Guide to the Holiday Season

Your Survival Guide to the Holiday Season

If you love the holiday season parties and revelry, but you don’t like the grogginess and foggy head that come along with it, you’re not alone. Between endless quantities of rich food, and mulled wine after spiked eggnog after hot toddy, your brain and body can both start to feel a little bit...sluggish.

We’re not about to tell you to go cold turkey on the booze and nibble on crudité at every party, because who really can do that? But we do have some tips to help you make it through the holiday season with your body and mind in fairly good shape. Read on to see how to keep it all together so that you can get some work done during the days, and still enjoy the holiday season.

Make Seltzer Your Friend

When everyone else is sipping something boozy and bubbly, it’s hard to resist. And we’re not going to tell you to! But one of my favorite tricks is to bring something fizzy and delicious- a Pamplemousse La Croix or a ginger kombucha- that’s also alcohol free. Then, you can intersperse your non-alcoholic beverage with your more - ahem- alcohol heavy choices. For every wine or hot toddy you drink, make your next one non-alcoholic. Even if you’re throwing them back, you’re still slowing your speed down by half. And we have a feeling you won’t even miss your extra alcohol.

Make the Time to Exercise

We know- finding time to workout during the holiday insanity feels like, well, insanity. And we're not saying you're going to be able to fit a run in every day. But the last thing you want to do is give up on exercise completely. Make it a priority to get in one sweaty session or even just some yoga at least once a week. Even if you have five events in one week, that will still give you one day to do nothing, and one day when your body will get a chance to sweat it out. One day of exercise is a lot better than no days of exercise, so don't let your lazy, foggy, holiday brain tell you otherwise.

Take the Time to Just Breath

You over did it on the champagne and brie. Getting up for work-or even breakfast- the next day will be hard. Make it easier by allowing your mind a chance to recalibrate. Aromatherapy can be one of those little god-sends you didn’t even know existed. Try putting a little bit of Palermo Body’s Enlivening Therapy Oil on your pulse points in the morning to help you go about your day. Those subtle hints of lemongrass, grapefruit, and tea tree oil will help focus your brain along with the caffeine you’ll surely be downing.

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