Can You Actually Avoid Getting Wrinkles?

We’re all in a fight against the clock, and there are a million and one serums, moisturizers, and treatments that promise they’ll help us in the battle against aging. The main goal, for most of us, is to minimize the wrinkles and fine lines that give our age away- and lot of them work quite well. But, is there a way to prevent wrinkles before they ever form?

The truth is that you can’t avoid wrinkles completely. As you age, your skin cells lose the ability to create collagen and hold on to moisture, and eventually this leads to wrinkles. But, there are ways to maximize your skin health and slow this down.

Eat Well, Don't Smoke, and Drink Less

We’ll start with the most obvious tips: drink less, eat well, exercise, and the biggest one- avoid smoking. In addition to drying your skin out, the free radicals in cigarette smoke are super damaging to your skin cells. And, that repetitive mouth puckering will also lead to wrinkles. 

As for the other 3? There is more and more evidence that your lifestyle really impacts how fast you age. We’ll move on to more specific tips, but the long and short of it is: maintain a healthy lifestyle and your skin will thank you.

There's a Right Way to Sleep

This next tip is all about what you do when you’re unconscious. That’s right- the way you sleep can actually impact your skin. The best way to sleep is ideally on your back, but if you’re a side sleeper and you can’t help it- that's me- make sure you don’t sleep on the same side every night. The downward pressure on your face over an extended period of time will cause your skin to wrinkle.

Beware the Car

Finally, you already know you should be wearing SPF. But it's especially important to apply it before you get behind the wheel. When you're in a car, either as the driver or passenger, the side of your body that faces the window gets a lot more sun exposure than the rest of you. So make sure you apply an SPF to that side to avoid wrinkles that form from too much sun exposure.

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