Black Magic: Products That Harness The Power Of Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is the new it-ingredient in food and personal care products, and it’s no big mystery why. Activated charcoal is an incredibly effective ingredient at absorbing dirt and toxins from our bodies, making it a powerful cleansing agent for our bodies. Here are a few of our favorite products that put the ingredient du jour to the best use.

The Greater Goods Mechanic Soap

This beautiful little sculpture of a soap is made with activated charcoal to draw out dirt and grime from deep down in our pores, and ground walnut shells that exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. We love to apply it to our face and any other problem areas for immediate skin clear-ups. In addition to being extremely cleansing, this soap is packed with moisturizing ingredients like cocoa butter, coconut oil, and olive oil.

$12.00 at

Alder New York Charcoal & Aloe Face Mask

Alder New York’s face mask is as cool looking as it is easy to use. Made of activated charcoal that draws out impurities from our pores, it also includes dehydrated aloe to soothe and moisturize skin. All we have to do is add a little water to the mask, and we are ready to apply. It comes in a travel friendly tearable packet, which means we can apply post flight when our skin is most in need of a deep clean.

$3.80 - $4.50 depending on quantity at

Goodwell + Co. Toothbrushes

Too often toothbrushes get overlooked in the personal care products category. Goodwill + Co.’s brushes buck that trend; their sleek design is something we’re proud to have sitting in our bathroom. The bristles on their toothbrushes are made of binchotan, a Japanese activated charcoal, to fight bacteria growth.

“We chose charcoal for its innate benefits such as deodorizing and balancing Ph. These two things are crucial in oral hygiene and we loved the dark color as a design feature,” says founder Patrick Triato. In addition, the brushes are biodegradable, so when you replace them, you’re not adding more plastic garbage to the landfill. 

Binchotan Bristle Brushes $5.99- $29.99 at

Pressed Juicery Activated Charcoal Lemonade

This black beverage works to soak up toxins and harmful ingredients from the inside. We don’t think it’s necessary to drink this lemonade regularly but only on special occasions. David recently drank some after he came down with food poisoning and found it did the trick to make him feel better immediately. Made only of water, activated charcoal, honey, lavender, and lemon, it tastes refreshingly sour with only the faintest hint of sweetness. 

Sold in units of six for $45.00 at


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