3 Beauty and Wellness Brand Founders Share How They are Staying Healthy and Feeling Good

3 Beauty and Wellness Brand Founders Share How They are Staying Healthy and Feeling Good

We asked 3 founders in the beauty, health, wellness space about what they are doing to stay healthy, both mentally and physically.

Alicia Scott Founder of Range BeautyAlicia Scott, Founder of Range Beauty

"Sticking to my routine is the biggest thing keeping me sane right now. I already work from home on Range Beauty so making sure I follow the same flow is really helpful. I start my morning routine with prayer/meditation which grounds me before the day starts. Throughout the day I follow my task list because there is still work to get done and I have to stay busy or boredom will take over. I started using the app 7M Women which is a great home workout app to make sure I’m staying active. Surprisingly, as snack queen, I haven’t gone too wild with my eating habits. I also stay away from too much news/ignore when people send me updates. I control what I take in so that means unplugging from my phone for a bit and focusing on things that make me feel good like a show, cooking, or creating new content."

Founder of Rosebud CBD

Alexis Rosenbaum, Founder of Rosebud CBD

"I've been working from home since 2014 and I've learned the importance of a daily routine: make my bed, take care of myself as if I was leaving the house, make a homemade breakfast of real foods like eggs veggies and bacon, and then go for a morning walk. I'm using herbal supplements to stay balanced with CBD at least twice a day and a little cannabis flower in the evening. I block my afternoon with time focused on either email, phone calls, projects, or free time to brainstorm and create. If my workload is light, I'm taking every advantage of the good weather and getting outside even if it means just sitting on my front porch with a good book or magazine. I also made a list of things I've been meaning to do or have always wanted to do that I usually don't make time for and am committed to doing one of those things every few days. For me, keeping things simple and routine creates the foundation for strong mental and physical health and when I feel uncertain, I always return to my routine."

Sara Cullen Founder of Gem

Sara Cullen, Founder of Gem

"Indoor gardening: I love taking care of plants and while work hasn't stopped during this uncertain time, being confined to my home has given me the opportunity to care and tend for my indoor plants. Taking a moment to give my plants a good misting, examine their leaves, trim here or there, and repotting is rewarding and gives my mind a little break from what is going on.

Thank you notes: In these past few days, I've reflected greatly on what I'm most grateful for. These last 2 years have been such a whirlwind and in an effort to give myself some time away from the craziness that is my phone and computer, I've pulled out my box of unused stationery and have begun writing thank you notes to the folks that helped make GEM happened. It's a personal way of spreading a little extra joy in these uncertain times." 

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