Are You Applying Your Skincare Products the Right Way?

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It may seem like a foolish question but do you know how to use your face cleanser correctly? What about how to apply moisturizer? Serum? A Face Mask? Do you know in what order and how frequently to apply them? If your response is, yeah I guess so or anything close to that, then this quick guide to applying skincare products is going to clear things up.

To start, everyone's skin is different and there is no one product that works for everyone, but there are definitely a few rules of thumb that can be applied to any skincare routine. Let's start with the order of operations. When applying skincare products to your face you must always start with a clean slate, then work your way up from the lightest and thinnest products to your heaviest and thickest. If you're the make-up wearing type, applying it is always last.

Starting with a Clean Slate

When it comes to cleaning your face, it's important that it's a daily activity. Once a day should be sufficient, unless you have a particularly dirty day. A liquid face cleanser work best but a gentle bar soap can also be used; just make sure to suds up the bar between your hands and then apply it to your face- don't use the bar directly on your face. Using your fingers, apply face cleanser to your damp face in circular motions. Rinse off with warm, not to hot water, and pat dry with a towel- don't rub.

Deep Cleaning and Exfoliating 

Once you have a clean face, this is where your first choice in the choose-your-own-adventure skincare story begins. If you need a little extra exfoliation and deep cleaning, this is the point that you would use a face mask- keep in mind that this is a once a week action. You can read more here to determine what type of face mask is right for you. If you're fond of face scrubs, this is your time to shed those dead skin cells, but it's mask or scrub, not both.

If you're looking for more serious exfoliation, skip the face mask and scrub: it's chemical peel time. Follow the instructions for the particular peel you're using. 

Magic Skin Elixir

Now your face is primed for accepting skin rejuvenating and balancing extracts, nutrients, and vitamins. Start with a light weight water based serum (learn more about serums here), and apply to a slightly damp face. Make sure to use a patting motion to aid in penetrating the dermis, the second layer of skin. If your skin is more receptive to oil-based serums, make sure you apply them to a dry face, 'cause water and oil get along like, well, water and oil. Once applied, take a beat and let the magic elixirs seep into your skin.

Hydration Nation

Follow with a moisturizer or lotion. Apply to your fingertips and then gently message it into your face. I like to take this moment to work in a little face yoga, sweeping my fingers from either side of my nose, under my eyes, and then up to my temples. And that it's, kind of...unless you have a full face of make up to apply. But that's a post for another time.

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