Are Facials Really Necessary?

Are Facials Really Necessary?

We’re all about a spa day at Alder New York, so naturally we love a good facial. But we also know they can be pricey and time consuming, and not everybody finds them as enjoyable as we do. Plus, given how much information on skincare is out there today and the easy access to great at home products, is a facial really any better than an at home face mask and a good skincare routine?

What Even Happens at a Facial

First it’s helpful to go over what typically happens during a facial. Usually you will first meet with the aesthetician who will evaluate your skin and discuss any issues you’d like to focus on. Once they know your skin type, they’ll select the products and treatments that make the most sense for you. This often includes exfoliating, a face massage, and a face mask.

Don’t Try this at Home

If it makes sense for your skin, a facial will often include extractions- that’s when the aesthetician presses around inflamed pores, blackheads, and/or whiteheads to extract any buildup. Dermatologists aren’t always into extractions- if not done correctly, they can lead to infection or exacerbate inflammation. But, generally a trained professional will do a better job than you will. So if you can’t help picking away at your skin in front of the bathroom mirror- don’t do that!- you’re better off going to a facialist.

Solve the Problem

Similarly, if you’re dealing with a breakout or very dry skin, an aesthetician can use their expertise to help you combat the problem, and will have a lot more experience than you will from a basic google search. That being said, if the problem is severe, it’s worth setting up an appointment with a dermatologist to rule out any medical issues.

To Facial or Not to Facial

While facials can be wonderful for mental health, if you’re not dealing with any skin issues, they may not be necessary to add to your routine. If you’re using a good, gently exfoliating face cleanser - like Alder New York’s Everyday Face Cleanser- a serum and/or moisturizer, and a face mask to treat issues as you see fit, you’re probably just fine.

If you do decide to forgo the facials, there’s one thing you may want to add to your at home routine- A little bit of face massage after you mask. It’s great for blood flow circulation, which helps keep your skin young, elastic, and healthy.

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