An Interview With Joe Cloyes Of Youth To The People

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We're a little obsessed with superfood beauty brand, Youth to the People. When we discovered them, we knew we had found something special, and had to share them with our Alder New York customers. The family owned and operated business is headed by cousins Joe Cloyes and Greg Gonzalez who followed in the footsteps of their grandmother, Eva, a famed California esthetician whose professional line of products are a salon and spa fave. We talked to Joe about how his vegan beauty line came about, what it's like working with family, and what's next for Youth to the People.

You have a skincare line that features kale, spinach, and green tea. Why the focus on these three ingredients?

When we started Youth to the People we had a simple idea. What you cleanse, moisturize, and revitalize your skin with should be as whole, natural, nutrient-rich, and clean as what you put in your body. These three ingredients were big parts of our diets and became a big part of our line. 

We’re particularly obsessed with your face cream. Hyaluronic acid is one of the more seemingly complex ingredients you spotlight. Can you tell us why we should be excited about it?  

Because of our family background in skincare we had access to amazing ingredients that benefit the skin. Hyaluronic Acid is one of our favorites and we knew it had to be part of the line. It is a humectant that can carry up to 5000 times its weight in water to the skin. This hydration is a key to age prevention.

Your grandmother has been in the beauty industry forever. What made it the right time now to launch your own line, YTTP? 

Greg and I have talked about different business ideas over the years. When the superfood idea came up we decided it was time to go for it.

You make all your products in California. Was that important to your grandmother? How did that become such a strong part of your philosophy? 

To us it just makes sense to do things locally. It is better for the environment and also helps out the community around us. Shop local is something we believe in.  

Are there ever tensions working so closely with you family? How do you all work that out? 

Greg and I grew up together like brothers, which really prepared us to work together. Because we are so close we know each others' strengths and weaknesses. We have a lot of fun and have goals that align well. We also know when to give each other space which leads to a smooth work environment.

We would imagine having your own company is stressful. How do you handle the stress?

Eat more kale! But seriously we just try to enjoy the ride and realize that the reason certain situations can be stressful is because we care and in the end we are doing exactly what we want to do. 

You travel a lot to promote and sell the brand. What are you travel packing essentials to make the whole thing more enjoyable? 

One comfortable pair of jeans, workout gear, and our three products. 

What’s next for YTTP? 

We are working on a couple of new products with the goal of launching them by the end of the year. More to come on these great new products...

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