All Your Questions About Face Serums Answered

All Your Questions About Face Serums Answered

We recently came out with our Everyday Face Serum, and we cannot stop slathering it on our faces. Face serums are one of those weird products that you don’t realize you’re missing till you start using it and then you never go back. Want to know more about serums, like what they are and why they're becoming so popular? Well see below; we've got answers.

What is a Face Serum?

Face serum is usually a lightweight gel full of highly concentrated antioxidants and vitamins that, depending on the formula, can combat wrinkles, discoloration, oil, and acne. Serums can be either oil or water based, but you're better off sticking to a water based serum. Oil based ones can cause breakouts, so they're generally best avoided.

Is a Serum the Same Thing as a Moisturizer?

Not exactly, though depending on the ingredients a serum can be super hydrating. Because serums are so concentrated, it’s best to put them on freshly cleaned skin before your moisturizer, so there’s no barrier to your pores. Don't forget to apply moisturizer after you apply the serum; the heavier oils will help seal it in.

Do I Really Need to use a Serum?

If you're a human existing in the world, then yes, you could probably benefit from a daily application of serum. Most of us have skin damage from sun and pollution, and general signs of aging, like wrinkles and discoloration. Because serums are so potent, they're highly effective at treating this damage, much more so than lotion or cream. 

How do I Apply Serum?

As we mentioned above, it’s best to apply serum to freshly washed dry or damp skin. To use, squirt a small amount (think a peas sized amount; much less than you would use for moisturizer) unto your fingertips, and gently pat it into the skin on your face and neck until it absorbs.

When Should I Apply a Serum?

Right after you wash (and/or shave) your face is perfect. If you're applying makeup, put it on before your primer or moisturizer. 

How Often Should I Apply Serum?

Once or twice a day. Just be aware that serums that contain ingredients like retinol (a topical form of Vitamin A) cause skin photosensitivity, so should only be applied at night, when you won't have sun exposure. We specifically designed our Everyday Face Serum to be safe and beneficial to apply at any time of day.

Why is Serum more Expensive than my Other Skincare Products?

At first glance, serums can seem a bit pricey, but again, a little bit goes a very long way. As we've mentioned, serum formulas contain highly concentrated, super effective ingredients, so you're getting a lot more bang for your buck per drop than you would a lotion. That's also why you want to layer that less expensive lotion on top of your serum to both lock in that potent layer of ingredients, and add extra oils to your skin.

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