Alder New York's Clarifying Face Mask Gets an Update

Alder New York's Clarifying Face Mask Gets an Update

Alder New York's single use Clarifying Face Mask has a new look and updated packaging! Our beloved black mask is still formulated with the same great plant actives and minerals as before. It's the go-to mask for detoxing, calming, and fighting skin damaging free radicals for a softer, clearer, refreshed complexion.

What's Changed?

So what's changed? Not much! We have a new look, more durable packaging, and an improved formula with a new natural preservative that’s even better for people with sensitive skin.

The new and improved slick black pouch with signature tan writing is designed with thicker foil walls and more compact dimensions to be even more travel friendly than before.  

The formula also got a refresh with sensitive skin types in mind. We replaced phenoxyethanol, a previously eco-certified preservative, with phenylpropanol and ethylhexylglycerin, 2 co-active preservatives that each have an EWG rating of 1.

What's Stayed the Same?

Our updated mask still features the same great actives that have made it a skincare must-have, including activated charcoal and bentonite clay to detox skin of impurities, willow bark and rosemary extract to reduce inflammation and fight free radicals, and oil controlling zinc oxide and sulfur mud to calm skin.

It's the same great creamy consistently and look as before, and it still takes just 3 to 5 minutes to see results.

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