Alder New York Texture Powder Reaches Full On Life Hack Status

When the ANY team developed the formula for our new Texture Powder we had a few goals in mind: The formula had to be made from natural, safe ingredients, it had to smell great, and it had to work instantly. We knew that the ANY customer is always on the run and doesn't have a minute to spare. That's why it only takes a little sprinkle of powder in your palms and a quick run through your roots to bring instant volume and texture back to lifeless hair.

Life Hackable

The simple, effortless application and the volume boosting results have given our latest hair product full on life hack status from some of our favorite publications. GQ Magazine named it the ultimate "grooming shortcut every man should take" and gave it "the full GQ endorsement" in the February issue.

Fake It Till You Wake It

Men's Journal took it a step further recommending ANY Texture Powder for the "fake-it-till-you-wake-it approach to grooming," for those sluggish winter mornings when getting out of bed is the last thing you want to do. 

A Gym Bag Must

Using Texture Powder isn't just a life hack for your morning routine, but also for when you need to squeeze in a trip to the gym and don't have the time for a full steam room/ shower/ post-gym pamper sesh, as Goop pointed out in an article about clean gym bag must haves.

Whether your hair is matted and slept on, or sweaty and greasy, Alder New York Texture Powder is your ultimate life hack for getting clean, fresh, I-had-no-idea-your-hair-looked-so bad-a-few-seconds-ago hair.

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