8 Yoga Moves For Your Face

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Here at The ANY Magazine, we’re on a quest to remain young forever! Just kidding; we’re actually looking forward to the wisdom and life experience that comes with age. But, as we get older, we wouldn’t mind keeping the wrinkles in our faces to a minimum. While we aren’t opposed to botox (though we would be careful where we applied it) we also want to explore what natural remedies there are to the natural sagging that comes with age. Enter Face Yoga.

Face Yoga is exactly what it sounds like: stretching for your facial muscles. By stretching the muscles in our face into various positions, we can strengthen them to keep our faces looking toned. We were a little skeptical at first, but after trying one or two moves, we immediately felt a difference- our faces felt more taught and less tense. It makes sense: imagine if you never worked out or stretched your body! The first time you moved it around in unfamiliar positions, you would feel a huge difference. By doing the same with our faces, we counteract the repetitive motions we do every day to keep our faces looking younger for longer. Take a look at our video of Creative Director Nina Zilka going through a facial yoga series, and follow along with the directions below.

Roll Your Tongue & Take Long Deep Blinks

This first move works the muscles extending from your eyes down towards our mouths. By slowly blinking your eyes, you work your upper eye area and increase moisture in your eyes.

Squint & Stare

For this move, squint for a long time, while intensely staring straight ahead. You may begin to feel the muscles around your eyes pulse. This exercise works out the muscles directly under your eyes.

Run Your Fingers Under Your Eyes To Your Temples

Take your index fingers and run them from the bridge of your nose down around the eye sockets up to the sides of your temples. This exercise stretches the skin around your eyes. When you’re done, you can also tap your fingertips along this area to relieve any buildup of pressure in your sinuses.

Make A Fish Face

Suck in your cheeks between your teeth to make a fish face, and keep your eyes wide open for as long as you can. Release when your eyes begin to water. This exercise stretches the muscles around your cheeks and the muscles above your eyes to your forehead.

Zip Zag Your Tongue Along Your Smile Lines

Starting with one side of your face, zig zag your tongue from under your nostril down along your smile line to the corner of your mouth and then back up. Repeat on the other side. You will feel this pose a lot in your tongue, but it’s also ideal for minimizing the appearance of smile lines over time, by stretching the skin and muscles in that area in the opposite direction from the way they usually turn.

Try To Swallow Your Tongue & Tilt Your Head Back

Stick out your tongue and then turn it up and backwards, as if you were about to swallow it (don’t worry- this will not ever actually happen)! Then while your tongue is in this position, tilt your head back and look up. Hold for about ten seconds. You will feel quite a stretch from under your chin down to the base of your neck along the center of your neck.

Pucker Your Lips, Tilt Your Head Back & And Run Your Hands Down Your Neck And Hold At Your Collar Bones

Make a kiss face and tilt your head back. Run your fingers down your neck until you reach your collar bones. Hold at the collar bones to really feel the stretch. Hold this pose for about ten seconds. You will feel this stretch along your jaw and your neck, into your collar bone. Jowls be gone! 

Puff Your Cheeks And Press Your Fingers Against Your Lips

Puff your cheeks and try to blow out, while simultaneously pushing your fingers against your lips to trap in the air. You will feel this pose along the upper jaw by the ear to the midpoint of the jaw.

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