5 Easy Ways to Be More Eco Friendly

5 Easy Ways to Be More Eco Friendly

We all want to be environmental warriors, fighting against global warming and reducing our ecological footprint. But between long, stressful workdays, trying to squeeze in a workout, and carving out time for friends, making your lifestyle more environmentally sustainable can feel daunting. But there are actually some super small changes you can make that have big net positive results. Here are 5 easy changes to make your environmental impact just a little bit less.

Ditch the Straw

If you live in San Francisco or Seattle, this one is easy since they’re now banned city wide. But for the rest of us, choosing to skip the straw is a great way to reduce your plastic footprint. For most drink orders, it’s as simple as asking for your drink minus the plastic stick. But we don’t expect you to down an iced coffee without a straw. Instead, carry a reusable one in your bag. We’re partial to chic stainless steel straws- in fact, I just ordered one to keep in my bag for all my smoothie and iced coffee emergencies.

Totes Carry a Tote Bag

Tote bags are awesome- they’re cute, inexpensive, and, if you have the right one, a status symbol. Plus, they’re a super easy way to cut back on your environmental footprint. Since our team snagged ourselves Alder New York’s Everyday Tote Bags, we’ve gotten real used to asking for our purchases minus the plastic bag. They’re lightweight and foldable, making them easy to store in your regular purse/bag, car trunk, or bike basket- so you'll have it whenever you’re running to the store.

Store Your Scraps

Forgot to eat those baby carrots before they started shriveling? Or made some potatoes and have a bunch of peelings? Yes, you could compost them, and that would be super sustainable. But if that feels like a bit more effort than you have the energy for right now, we have a way simpler solution. Store your veggie scraps in the freezer, and then make a big old pot of veggie stock on your next lounge about the house Sunday. (It is worth noting- this doesn't apply to veggies that are molding; those you should throw away. But scraps or bruised veggies are perfect for stock purposes).

Bottle it Up

So you have this cute new tote bag- what better to put in it than a water bottle? If you forgo the store bought bottled water -and other bottled drinks- and fill your water bottle to take on the go, you’re not only seriously reducing your impact, but you’ll also save quite a bit of money too. 

Hang to Dry

The next time you go to do laundry, try hang drying a load of clothes. By line drying just one load of clothes instead of drying them in a machine you reduce your carbon footprint by a third! We’re not saying only line dry your clothes- again, we’re all busy and that’s not a habit you’re likely to keep. Instead, make it a point to line dry your more delicate pieces instead of putting them through the dryer. You’ll be making your pieces last longer too.

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