3 Canvas Tents Perfect For Glamping

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As city folks, we need a little fresh air and open space once in a while, and we love being in the great outdoors. But if the the idea of camping in a polyester tent wearing zip off pants and a fleece Northface isn't exactly your thing, Glamping is the way to go. Pack your bottle of ANY hair powder and pick up one of these 3 Glampsite approved tents and get outside.

SHELTER CO. SUPPLY - Meriwether Tent 

The joint San Francisco and Austin based Shelter Co. Supply provides glamping and outdoor supplies to the luxury tree-friendly consumer. Their Meriwether Tent comes in three different colors: khaki and grey, khaki and burnt orange, and all khaki, making coordinating the decor of your glampsite even easier. Each tent can fit between 4 and 6 glampers and comes with a waterproof vinyl ground sheet and water resistant canvas upper. 

INDIAN GARDEN COMPANY - The Maharani Garden Tent

The Maharani Garden Tent comes in numerous sizes, fabrics, and colors, making it perfect for any glamping experience. Inspired by the nomadic tents of Northern India, the Indian Garden Company developed their tents to withstand the weather of the Western Hemisphere as well as the region of their origin. Available in Sail cloth or polyester these tents are water proof, rot proof, and fire resistant. 


The uniquely shaped Lotus Belle Tent is made of a cream canvas with PVC ground sheet and clear PVC windows. These stylish glamping pods come with a single center pole with a height of 6.6 feet and a diameter of 13 feet, making it spacious and chic. 

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