Why The Alder New York Team Makes In America


While Alder New York is always focused on creating the most effective products to make you look damn good, we also have a big focus on making our products in the USA. We wanted to give you a bit of the inside scoop on why we manufacture locally, and how we get it done. 

We Like To Be Involved In The Process As Much As Possible

The best work environments are ones where people feel happy and fulfilled by the work they are doing, and supported by their team. It also doesn't hurt if there's easy access to delicious pizza. That's why Alder New York's Bushwick headquarters has become the spot where all our designing, formulating, and bottling happens. Not only do we get to snack on neighbor Roberta's pizza whenever we get the urge, but we also get to work everyday with people involved in all different parts of making our products. This means no worry about sweatshops, child labor, or any of that other depressing stuff. It also means we can check in and make sure we're all on the same page when it comes to making the products we most want to use.

Why All Our Ingredients Aren't Grown In The USA

We love the idea of our own farm here in Bushwick; we totally want to be a part of the Brooklyn rooftop farm trend! Unfortunately many of the ingredients we use, like eucalyptus, don't make sense to grow in Brooklyn. Whenever possible, we try to source from local, family run farms, and as we get further into the industry, we're switching over whenever we find a company we really vibe with that grows an ingredient that we use.

Easy Transportation Is Good For The Earth And Great For The Wallet!

Less travel is a great thing for the environment, as things traveling by planes, trains, and automobiles leads to global warming and pollution. Plus, making things closer to HQ means we pay less in shipping them back to us than if they were overseas. That means that we can price our products lower for you, which is basically a win for everyone! We all get to look more awesome at a lower cost, and our smaller carbon footprint is good for planet earth.

Want to get in on celebrating Made is the USA this Fourth of July? Use code USAMADE for 15% off all Alder New York products at aldernewyork.com from now until July 5th at 11:59pm EST!

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