Spring Clean Your Grooming Routine

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Sometimes we all need a little nudge to change some of our less than stellar habits and routines. If you've been looking for a reason to change out your current hair, skin, and body products for something a little cleaner, then get into the spirit of spring. Here are some easy changes you can make right now to spring clean your personal care routine.

Say Goodbye To SLS

We've all become used to the idea that our shampoo and body wash should be sudsy AF, but the surfactants (aka the stuff that does the cleaning) used to create those suds are actually super harsh - and unnecessary- for our skin. In the past few years, much milder and equally effective surfactants have come on the market. If you currently use a shampoo and/or body wash that uses sodium laureth sulfate, now is a great time to toss it and bring in one of the many awesome options that don't. Your hair and skin will actually look better once you ditch the suds.

Toss Artificial Dyes 

If you're using a product that has a crazy color, double check the ingredients. While there are some brands using awesome natural dyes to get their product colors, a lot of companies use artificial dyes. Commonly added colorants like FD&C BLUE 1 don't do anything to make the product work better and are actually highly toxic for us. Now is a great time to switch out any products that uses artificial dyes for ones that don't. 

Triclosan Has Got To Go

Tricolosan is an antibacterial ingredient that shows up a lot in liquid and bar soaps. This is a major bummer because it's a known reproductive hormone and thyroid function disruptor. Studies show that a good scrub with regular soap and water is just as effective for getting you clean, without messing with your hormones  So switch out any cleansers with triclosan for ones without- have you seen these beauties?- and you should be fresh as a daisy.

Go ahead and lose the PEGs

When you look at your products, you'll often see the word PEG followed by a few numbers. No matter the number, a PEG is a compound made up of polyethylene (the most common form of plastic) and glycol, with whatever else it's attached to. The problem with PEGs is that they often contain impurities that are linked to cancer, and they also have a penetration enhancing effect- which means whatever is attached to them is more likely to enter your system; thats' a scary combination! For every product with PEGs, you can easily find ones that work just as well without them; we promise that anything in our shop is PEG free. So go ahead and lose the PEGS.

Boot that BHA

Not to be confused with beta hydroxy acid (which can be perfectly fine to use), butylated hydroxyanisole, or BHA, is a hella bad ingredient. Often used as a fragrance ingredient and product stabilizer, BHA can lead to endocrine disruption and organ system toxicity, two things we'd rather avoid. If you see this ingredient in your products, it's best to change it out for something else. 

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