New to the Shop: Bodha Smokeless Incense


When I was a kid growing up in New Jersey, I loved lighting incense and candles in my Spencer's Gifts outfitted room. It put me at ease and looked super cool! My dad on the other hand, hated it. He would complain about the smoke and would say that lighting candles and incense would burn up all the oxygen in my room. I, of course, knew my dad was spewing nonsense to cover up his anxiety over the possibility of his son burning his house down. Which still didn't make me want to stop. 

Years later, and out of my family home, I can burn whatever I want now. However, my days of smokey incense are behind me thanks to the latest addition to the ANY shop, Bodha Smokeless Incense.

Bodha's Are Special

Unlike the incense of my past, Bodha's are made from organic wood and natural essential oil blends. They're unlike the Indian incense that most people are familiar with, which have a wood core that burns and causes smoke. Bodha's Japanese style incense are coreless and therefore smokeless too! 

LA-based Bodha crafts aromatherapy products from natural ingredients and essential oil blends that are produced in Japan and New Zealand. The newest addition to the shop comes in four unique fragrance blends: Calm, Ground, Refresh, and Purity. My personal favorites are Ground, an earthy, woodsy scent that promotes focus, and Refresh, a gentle, clean, green aroma that feels invigorating and energizing. Each pack provides 30 hours of burn time making adding a little aromatherapy to your self care schedule easily a daily activity. Simply light up a stick, plop it into your Bodha Brass Incense Holder, and kick back and relax. 

I've made it a part of my end-of-day routine before bed, and it puts my mind at ease and preps me for the perfect night's sleep without a puff of smoke. 

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