New Nourishing Lip Balm Has Arrived!


As we head into those brutal winter months where the sun seems to set before we ever leave the office, the only thing keeping us going is planning the best gifts to give to our favorite people. That’s right, the season of gift giving is here. Alder New York Lip Balm is a huge holiday-time customer favorite, because what’s a better gift than the gift of super soft lips? This is why we’re excited to announce Alder New York’s Lip Balm has a brand new look this season.

All of our changes come from conversations we've had with you, our customers, who are always helping us to take our products to the next level. While you loved how our old lip balm tin looked, we heard from a lot of you that you'd prefer something where you didn't have to use your finger to apply it. Our new Nourishing Lip Balm come in a super convenient twist tube that can fit into any coat or pant pocket, and it's built for easy, mess-free application. 

We’ve also added a new scent to our collection: Anise. For any licorice fans out here, this is the scent you’ll want on your lips. It’s sweet, rich, and strong, and it’s quickly become the new team favorite (though we’re still loyal to Clove and Juniper). Our new Anise scent meets all of our scent criteria (smells clean, unisex, and special). A total win! 

As always, our Lip Balms are 100% natural and formulated with only the most nourishing ingredients, like organic jojoba oil, coconut oil, and beeswax, to hydrate and protect your lips. We can't wait for you to get your hands (and lips!) on our new Lip Balms. Check out our new Anise, and don't forget about our amazing Clove and Juniper Lip Balms as well. 

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