Finding Success As A Club ANY Member

Finding Success As A Club ANY Member

Being a Club ANY Member can be deeply rewarding - both financially and emotionally. As an affiliate you can earn up to 20% of referred sales, plus numerous other perks, but it isn't as easy as posting an Insta and then sitting back and waiting for the referrals to come in. It takes some work, and we're here to help you figure it out. We've put together some tips to introduce Alder New York products to your friends, family, and followers so you can get the most out of being an affiliate. 

Share Your Link and Discount Code on Social

Your discount code allows your followers to try our line for 15% off, and when they use your code you get a portion of that sale. Even if someone has already ordered from us, you'll still make a portion of the sale if they order through your referral link. So make your code and link easy for people to find. Add your links to your social media profiles, your blog, and/or website. If you need to find your links, they're in the FAQ section on your affiliate panel.

Use a

You probably have a few different links you'd like to share at a time- we know we do. We love for our Instagram, because it allows us to share multiple links at once. It's free to use, and it means you can link to your own website, your Alder New York referral link, and your 15% off your first order discount. It also means that if you are an affiliate for other brands, you don't have to choose which ones you want to promote.

Send an Email 

Nothing is more personal than a note from you about something you love i.e. Alder New York. If you're excited about our legit clean, vegan products, our genderless point of view, and our sleek design, it's worth writing an email to a group of people you think would enjoy it as much as you do. Make sure to include your discount code information to encourage people to try the line and track your referrals.

Show Yourself Using the Products

If you're using our products regularly (no wonder your skin is looking so good), make sure you capture and share the times that you're enjoying them. Followers love learning what and why you like certain products and love seeing the results on actual people, like you. If you can, always link directly to the product you're using to make it easy for your followers to access. You can make sure your referral code part of the link by using the link generator in your Club ANY affiliate panel.

Check Your Stats

The best way to learn what's converting your followers into Alder New York users  is to regularly check your stats in the Club ANY affiliate panel. This will tell you how many unique visitors and orders you've referred, and how much money you've made as an affiliate. This will help you know if that Insta live you did really paid off or if you need to try a different format. Whatever, you do, don't get discouraged- keep trying and feel free to reach out to us at if you need some help. You're a part of the Alder New York family and we're in this together! 

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