Meet Filmmaker & Music Teacher, Mo

Meet Filmmaker & Music Teacher, Mo

We want to highlight a few of the awesome people that make Club ANY so special. First up- Meet Mo, a filmmaker and music teacher living in NYC. 

Tell us a bit about yourself! Where are you from and what do you do?

Hi! I’m Mo! Originally from Michigan, I now live in NYC with my partner and *lots* of plants (to make up for the lack of Michigan). I’m a filmmaker with Snowday — a Brooklyn-based creative studio where I’ve directed a variety of projects: from micro-docs to tech product releases.

Before working with Snowday, I received my Master of Music degree in French horn and music theory, so I perform and teach lessons around the city as well! 

What other brands/artists/people/places/things are you obsessed with right now?

Brand: Bhoomki is a shop in Park Slope, Brooklyn that makes anyone who walks into their store feel totally welcome and inspired. Bhoomki’s owner, Swati, and all the employees are also always down to discuss with/educate me about what it means to be ethical and sustainable in the fashion industry.

Artists: Shantell Martin reaches through the canvas of her black and white drawings and asks the viewer: “who are you?” She’s also an artist’s rights activist with a focus on accessibility.

David Esquivel’s colorful work makes my home a happier place. Plus, he’s also incredibly friendly!

Places: 10/10 would recommend Nevada’s Red Rock Canyon. 

People: My Gramma Vel. She turned 90 this year and is a ray of sunshine!

Things: My friend Kara Gordon teaches donation-based yoga classes every weekend on Zoom and puts the donations toward causes like Exhale to Inhale, NAMI NYC, Equal Justice Initiative, and The Loveland Foundation

What is your favorite Alder New York product?

Can I have three? Serum + Moisturizer + Gua Sha Tool = magic

What are your tips to successfully refer people?

If you love Alder’s lineup, you can successfully refer people no matter what kind of social media following you have. I don’t have a large following (feel free to follow me @morganraewynne though), but here’s how I’ve been referring people to this brand I admire so much:

Talk about how much you love Alder (like, out loud)! I’ve found a combination of word of mouth and reiterating how Alder products fit into my lifestyle on Instagram stories or the feed has worked well — especially within my immediate social circles. Don’t forget to share your discount code! People love a good deal.

Related, keep your referral link easy to find: In your Instagram bio, on your website, ready to copy and paste via text message, wherever feels right! That way, people won’t have to spend time digging for your link or code.

Create something new: It’s fun for me to use Photoshop and Illustrator to create new content. I just use the product photos shared with Alder affiliates and add my own spin. But you don’t need fancy applications to create something new: make something visually appealing on Instagram Stories (and check out all the new fonts while you’re at it), share a short video of your skincare routine, add some nifty VSCO filters to your #shelfie if that’s your thing, bust out the scissors and glue sticks — make it yours and spread the Alder love!

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