Make New Palermo Body Soaps Your Perfect Match

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Finding the right bar of soap can be like finding a spouse. You try a bunch out, some you think are going to be just right for you, but then you realize it's just not going to work out. When we started using Palermo Body's Cold Process Soaps we had the same hopeful disposition as we did towards a promising date. They were beautifully packaged, artfully crafted, and masterfully effective. And of course they were super clean, without a single strange sounding chemical compound or know toxic preservative listed on the back of these boxes, just pure natural skin loving oils, clays, and herbs. It felt too good to be true- but they were't, they were truly just that good. They were just what we we're looking for- a clean wholesome soap to bring home to mom. 

And the best part, there's five different bars to pick from each perfectly designed for different skin types and a particular set of skin needs. Each singular different in it's ingredients and the benefits.

For Sensitive Skin

It you're a no frills, scent free kind of person, then the Coconut Milk & Oatmeal Soap is your bar. Made with nourishing jojoba oil, and soothing coconut milk this bar is the most delicate of the bunch. It's Ideal for dry and sensitive skin type.

If you would still consider yourself to have sensitive skin but like a good fresh clean scent to your soap, the Lavender & Sage Soap is your pick. This soap is made with nourishing shea butter that soothes and smooths dry or irritated skin too.

For The Blemish Prone

For those on the other end of the skin spectrum and deal with overly oily or acne prone skin then the Tea Tree & Mint Soap will be your life saver. Made with natural antibacterial tea tree oil this soap will clean up and nasty skin irritants that would cause break outs and blemishes. It also has a cool soothing sensation that helps calm inflamed skin. You may also like the Grapefruit & Juniper Charcoal Soap. This soap contains activated charcoal, which is one of the most amazing ingredients in personal care. It will suck up dirt and grime from deep within your pores with out drying out your skin.

For Everyday 

Not looking for a soap that's targeting a specific skin type? Palermo has that too. The Rose Geranium & Mandarin Soap is the perfect everyday soap a range of skin types. This bar is great at fighting free radicals, improving skin elasticity and getting that everyday grime off your body. 

Find Your Perfect Match