Well Designed Smoking Accessories That You're Going To Want To Show Off

We're celebrating 4/20, the day stoners throughout the world celebrate by voraciously consuming marijuana in all its smokable, edible, topical, and who-knows-what-else forms. In honor of the holiday, The ANY Magazine is publishing a series of articles that celebrate marijuana and its many uses. 

We all know we're not supposed to smoke. Putting aside the option of smoking nicotine (you know that's bad for you, right?), smoking pot is still not exactly great for your skin (though studies show that THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana, counteracts the carcinogens that come from smoking). But, damn if smoking accessories don't sometimes look incredible. We're rounded up some of the best of the bunch, for the times when vaping just isn't an option.

Pursuits of Happiness Voltaire Pipe & Young Alexander Puff Puff Pass Ashtray

For a quirky meets decadent look, do porcelain and gold everything. Pursuits of Happiness hand-makes this 22kt gold glazed porcelain pipe outside of Portland, OR, while Young Alexander makes their porcelain and gold luster ashtray to order in their Brooklyn Studio. We think the two would look like a match made in heaven sitting on a coffee table just about anywhere.

Voltaire Pipe $75.00 at thepursuitsofhappiness.com 

Puff Puff Pass Ashtray / All Gold Everything $45.00 at youngalexander.com

Ben Medansky Black And Blue And Blue Braille White Tip Peace Pipes

Gone are the days of those ugly marbled glass pipes owned by every Phish fan in high school. It's time to switch to a work of art that you'll be proud to display in your home, and L.A. based ceramist Ben Medansky's Peace Pipe fits that bill. Crafted by hand, this is a pipe you can feel grown up about smoking from.

Peace Pipes $100-$120 at benmedansky.com

Marley Natural Small Taster And Large Steamroller

The most straight up masculine feeling of the bunch, these hand blown glass pipes are finished with a black walnut wood base sustainably sourced from North America. Detachable parts make these beauties easy to clean as well. Would we expect anything less from the official Bob Marley cannabis brand? 

Small Taster $35.00, Large Taster $72.00 at marleynaturalshop.com

Haciendaware Turquoise And Peach Gradient Pipe

This little ceramic beauty is handmade in L.A. and its ombre-pastel airbrushing has us feeling major California vibes. It's so adorable that if we didn't want to smoke out of it, we'd totally want to wear it.

Pipes $80-$90 at haciendaware.bigcartel.com