Five Unexpected Uses For Your Personal Care Products

The products in your medicine cabinet, makeup bag, or dopp kit certainly are great for their intended uses, but they can also do so much more! Here are a few tips on how to use your everyday products in unexpected but extremely useful ways.

Use A Styling Wax Or Beeswax Pomade To Style Unruly Eyebrow Hairs

We all have a hair or two that just won't stay in place. Well, with this tip, you can say goodbye to lone-wolf brow hairs! For eyebrows, we're particularly partial to Alder New York's Beeswax Pomade because its low sheen and non greasy formula keep brows from looking overly "done." To use, scoop a bit of product and warm it between your fingers, then apply it to your eyebrows. Use a comb or clean mascara brush to guide the hairs to where you want them to be. After a few applications your wild eyebrow hairs might even get the clue and just stay in place all on their own, fingers crossed.

Use Face Moisturizer Or Face Oil To Remove Makeup In A Pinch

Forgot to pack your favorite makeup remover? Don't worry about it. You moisturizing creams, lotions, and oils can all do the trick, as long as they're meant for your face (body lotions or hand creams are to thick and can clog pores). To use, simply apply your substitute product on your face, and use a tissue to wipe it off along with all that makeup. Now your face is good as new! 

Use Hand Salve Or Foot Balm On Dry Or Ashy Elbows And Knees

The same great stuff that keeps your hands, cuticles, and feet looking good works on other parts of your body too. Elbows and knees are often neglected and rarely can you find a product just for these overlooked body parts. Instead of searching for a new product, just use a dab of a hand and cuticle salve or foot balm to take care of all the super dry skin parts you normally miss.

Use Dry Shampoo Or Texturizing Powder To Remove Oil Stains From Fabric 

If you use a powder formula like Alder New York's Natural Hair Powder, rather than one from an an aerosol spray can, you can take oil stains out of garments, table clothes, or upholstered furniture in addition to texturizing and cleaning your hair. To treat a stain, sprinkle a bit of the powder on it, making sure to cover the whole oil spot, then wait 3- 5 minutes. Brush off with your hands or a brush and the oil stain should be gone, just like magic.

Use Lip Balm To Cure Chapped Noses

Colds and allergies can cause major runny noses, and constant tissue dabbing can lead to painfully chapped skin. For some relief, take your favorite lip balm and dab a bit around your nostrils to heal and soothe chapped skin. A hight quality lip balm is perfect for this because it smells great and it's formulated for your delicate face- so no clogged pores or too strong scents!