Sticking To Your Resolutions

If you're like most people you probably forgot that a little over a month ago you made some big plans to do things differently this year. You said you'll go to the gym more, eat less junk, or maybe try to find that special someone. But like most of us, life probably got in the way of accomplishing those New Year's resolutions and you're back to your old self. So we asked Holistic Health Coach,Emily Nachazel for some advice on how to stick to our New Year's Resolutions. - The ANY Magazine  

The past few month I've seen no fewer than 10 "New Year, New You" campaigns. Not to mention all the detoxes and cleanses and diets starting up right about now. But here's the truth: no detox, cleanse, or 7-day-anything is going to get you to feel like your brightest and most vibrant self. Sorry, it just doesn't work like that.

So how does real, lasting change happen? How can you kick this year off right, without going crazy counting calories or spending hours on hours at the gym? Here are 3 easy steps to make your resolutions stick this year:

Get Clear On How You Want To Feel

When setting goals, we often focus on tangible achievements: I want to run a marathon, ask for a promotion, lose 10 (okay, 15) pounds. While this is totally okay, it leaves us waiting for that thing to feel happy, satisfied, accomplished. I encourage my clients to take a step back and ask themselves: How do I want to FEEL? 

What is the root of my desire to diet or “eat healthy?” Brainstorm a few feelings that you are looking to bring into your life. And then each time you have a choice to make (side salad or fries?Happy hour or yoga? Another coffee or tea?) the goal is to make the choice that aligns with that desired feeling.

Start Small And Build Slow

News flash: You don’t need to change everything right this second. Rapid, massive changes can easily overwhelm you. Choose one area to focus on and master that. Maybe you want to cut down your caffeine intake. Great - start by swapping one cup to decaf (or even half caff!). When that feels easy, take it a step further, and then a step further. Habits are built over a long period of time, and so they must be changed in this way too!

Ask For Support

The key to making any change is to build a support system. Being able to ask for help is not a weakness, but rather a strength! Many people are surprised to learn that I work with a health coach. Yup, it's true. I know (from experience with myself and my clients) that the added accountability is key to staying on track towards your goals, whatever they may be. Cheers to making 2016 your best year yet!