She's Way More Than Just A Nutritionist: An Interview With Holistic Health Coach Emily Nachazel

When we first met Emily Nachazel, a holistic health coach, at a yoga event in Brooklyn we immediately wanted to know more about her. She was smart, funny, and approached nutrition and healthy living in a unique way. So we asked the ANY Mag contributor about what she does and how she does it differently. If, after learning more about her outlook on living a low-stress, high enjoment life, you are interested in working with her to reach you health goals, you can schedule a complimentary strategy session. -The ANY Magazine

What Do You Do?

I am a holistic health coach, yoga instructor, and (most importantly) foodie! I help busy people increase their energy and manage stress through conscious lifestyle choices, without deprivation or crazy diets. I teach my clients to feel good about their food, feel great about their bodies, and feel EMPOWERED to live their lives to the absolute fullest.

How Did You Get Into It?

Emily Nachazel

Emily Nachazel

My health journey began in college when I started having terrible stomach aches - ones that would have me curled up in bed unable to do anything. These became more frequent as I moved into the real world and started working in a fast-paced, corporate accounting job. After multiple doctors visits and many tests, all I got was three letters: IBS, also known as Irritable Bowl Syndrome. Also known as a catch all diagnosis when the doctors can’t really figure out what’s going on with you, but you know something is. One doctor prescribed me anti-anxiety medication and explained that that these stomach aches were actually panic attacks manifesting in my belly. I was completely floored by this - I did not see myself as an anxious or stressed out person.

This conversation made me realize that stress can manifest itself many ways in the body, and that digestive trouble was one of those ways. Here I was thinking that I was managing my fast paced corporate job, "healthy" diet and rigorous running regime just fine, when in reality my system was stressed out beyond belief. My stomach issues were just the start - I knew that if I didn't make some changes I was going to burn out.  

I refused to believe I needed to take medication for the rest of my life in order to feel normal. And so I did my own research. I discovered the power of whole foods, the power of slower physical movement, and the power of simple breathing (I found yoga! And very quickly became hooked.). I always loved to cook, and I began making healthy creations that I shared with friends and family, most of whom were pleasantly surprised to find that they too could love cheese-less pizza and chocolate mousse made with avocado.

Why Do You Do It?

I’ve always been a teacher at heart, from helping my brother learn his multiplication tables WAY before he needed to (he’s a computer engineer now!), to taking over for my high school Chemistry teacher when she was sick, to leading national business trainings in my corporate accounting job. I love combining this skill with my passion for all things wellness. It’s so rewarding to see how small, simple shifts can truly change my clients lives.

I love that my job and hobbies mesh, and that there is no “typical day”: some days I’m cooking up a storm in the kitchen, other days I’m working one-on-one with clients, or speaking at companies about health and wellness, or (of course) teaching yoga! I also write a LOT (another thing I’ve learned that I love to do) and have even had a few fitness modeling gigs! Five years ago I could never have imagined this all would be part of my job, but I’m beyond thrilled that it is.

How Is Your Approach To What You Do Different To What We Might Find With Someone Else In The Same Career?

I practice a holistic approach - I know that it takes more than kale and quinoa to create a healthy body, mind, and soul.  A person's health and happiness is also dependent on things like their job, relationships, spirituality, finances, and physical activity.  I help my clients identify those areas of their life that need more nourishment.

I do not instruct my clients to follow any one diet. I actually don’t prescribe “diets” at all. I guide my clients to find what works for THEIR bodies, their tastebuds, and their lifestyles. No deprivation or restriction is required (or allowed even!) to feel your best.

One common theme I see in most of my clients is STRESS and it’s at the root of most people's health issues. Not all stress is bad (we need it in some situations), but systematic stress causes a whole slew of problems - from weight gain to acne, chronic fatigue to sleep issues, digestive disorders, the list goes on. Many times we are stressed but we don't even know it (this was the case for me!), which is why I focus on stress-relief with all of my clients

Finally, I know that true change takes time. Quick fixes and detoxes are very popular these days, but I know from experience that true lasting change takes time. This is why I offer 6-session and 12-session programs - so we have plenty of time to make slow, meaningful changes that become habits that set you up for a lifetime of ultimate wellness.

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