Female Orgasms 2.0


Let's call this the year of the female orgasm. Don't get me wrong -every year, from the beginning of time, should be the year of the female orgasm, but this is the year that companies realized that they can capitalize on it. From Addyi (the woman's "viagra" pill that no woman asked for) to The Mod (an open source dildo), companies are trying as hard as they can to get up in there. 

But the one that is blowing us away with innovation is OMGYes a company that is "passionate about making an honest, practical resource about women’s pleasure."

What Is It?

OMGYes was founded by a lesbian, Lydia Daniller, and a straight guy, Rob Perkens, who met in college and realized, in talking about sex, that even in a society that they consider progressive and open, there was still no language to talk about the physical and emotional techniques that lead to female orgasms with any sort of specificity. 

When they went to the books to see what science had to say on the matter, they got nothing. There has been no definitive research into the ways that women orgasm. Yes, there is information about what biologically and neurologically happens during an orgasm, and there are studies and statistics around how frequently women masturbate, when, with what, etc., but there has been no research into the specifics of how.

OMGYes chalks that up to the fact that large research institutions usually have a few conservative members on their panels that feel uncomfortable with this type of material. This seems like a realistic guess to me, especially when we take into account that it wasn't until the 1950s that science even recognized that women are capable of orgasm. It would make sense that we will have a long way to go before some people get comfortable.

The Research

OMGYes set out to find out the facts on their own. They started by interviewing 1,000 women nationally to learn about their sexual histories and what makes them tick, and then partnered with researchers at Indiana University and the Kinsey Institute to interview 1,000 more women across the country from a wide range of ages, cultures, and locations to get as much information as possible. 

One of the most interesting things the researchers found is that, unlike the trope of the female orgasm as some kind of mystical, magical, elusive unicorn that is different for every woman, there's actually a lot of commonality.

They were surprised to find how many of the same techniques worked for women across the board.

What You Get At OMGYes

OMGYES used the information they compiled to breakdown orgasms into specific terminology: edging, hinting, consistency, surprise, rhythm, multiples, accenting, framing, staging, layering, orbiting, and signaling.

For a one time fee of $39, you gain access to 47 videos in which you watch real life women -not actors- as they show you what they do to orgasm, using the techniques named above. The video gets up close and personal; you will be looking directly at a vagina, or rather, multiple vaginas. The women vary in age and nationality, but all are funny and open, and each show you real techniques and how it works for them to orgasm. Needless to say, this is NSFW, and it's not appropriate for children. But I will say, if you're a woman or heterosexual man and are old enough to watch porn, you should be watching this right along with it. This is real sex.

In addition to the 47 videos mentioned, season one also comes with 11 "touchable videos." This is where OMGYes takes that technology and runs with it. In the touchable videos, you virtually stimulate a real vagina on a touch screen, and learn how to use the techniques you've just learned. 

Why This Is Awesome

For far too long, women have lacked a language to talk about their orgasm with each other and their partners. What's unique abut OMGYes is the depth of their research, and their purpose in creating their materials. Yes, you can use OMGYes as a couple (assuming at least one of you has a vagina), and that's awesome. But you can also use it by yourself (assuming, again, that you have a vagina) as a way to better understand what you like and need. Even more awesome. 

So Just Sign Up

OMGYes is very clear that they are not an app. For a one time fee you have access to all of "Season One," which includes all the content mentioned in this article. You don't have to worry about downloading anything, and you will not pay any recurring fees. If you're interested, sign up. And if you do sign up, please let us know what you think in the comments.