Download It! Apps That Will Get You Beach Body Ready

The onset of summer means more time at the beach, lake, and pool in minimal amounts of clothing. While we couldn’t be happier about the start of the best season of the year, this also means we need to get our bodies into swimwear ready shape, and stat! Thankfully, in our digital age, there’s an app for that. Below are the ANY Magazine’s favorite apps to jumpstart our healthy habits and get into fighting-shape (or rather, lounging-with-a-piná-colada-in-the-sun shape). 


Whether it’s the thought of winning extra cash, or the painful idea of losing your bet, having some money on the line can really help you lose those last few nagging pounds before it’s time to get swim-suited up. DietBet asks you to bet money on yourself to lose either 4% of your body weight in four weeks, or 10% in six months. In order to play, you’re required to take a photo of yourself on a scale wearing “airplane attire,” or what we would consider workout gear (we try to avoid sweatpants at the airport, as we like to fly in style). For every weigh-in, participants are given a new word to write on a notecard placed next to the photo of their feet on the scale, making it hard to cheat. Winners who successfully hit their target weight split the pot equally- and the pot can get pretty damn big. In a recent four week contest, it was up to $23,000. 


Dreamed up by the creators of Dietbet, StepBet similarly asks all participants to put in a certain amount of money to play, with the goal to hit a certain amount of individual steps every week for six weeks. Goals are based on previous health data pulled from your health app or fitbit, meaning that the target steps are tailored to you. Every week, participants get four normal target days, one free day, and two stretch days, where the goal is a bit more challenging. After six weeks, all winner split the pot equally. For anyone hoping to get up to or surpass that 10,000 steps daily, this can be a legit motivator. 

Charity Miles 

If profiting directly from healthy habits doesn’t get you going, maybe being able to support a charity of your choice will. With Charity Miles, corporate sponsors like Johnson & Johnson, MasterCard, and Timex Sport give to a charity of your choice based on your walking, biking, or running distance. You can currently choose from 37 different charities, including the ASPCA, Feeding America, and (RED) to support, all while getting in your fitness goals.


While we all want to look great when it comes time to strip down, it can be exhausting to think about what you're supposed to be eating (or not eating) constantly. Come lunch hour, don’t sweat it; use HealthyOut to select the healthiest meal delivery option. The app pulls all the restaurants in your area and actually selects the healthiest individual menu items for you, making the selection process a lot less stressful. 


With this app, you can’t let travel be your excuse for missing a workout. Set the amount of time you want to exercise and it gives you a series of guided videos for which you don’t need any weights, rubber bands, or other exercise paraphernalia, making it perfect for when you're on the go. You can specify the type of workout you’re looking for, or go with their predesignated series. Plus, the videos are visually attractive, with models wearing black against white backgrounds, which is a nice break from the typical visuals provided in workout videos.