We Are Obsessed With The Greater Goods American Made Cold Processed Soaps

The ANY Team has been obsessed with The Greater Goods soaps from the second we got our hands on them. Owner and soap maker Arian Franz is a graphic designer by trade who finds the tangible elements of soap making a relief from her heavily computer-based profession.

The resulting soaps are artfully crafted little sculptures made from organic oils, butters, and clays, that clean and nourish the skin. Our favorite soaps from Franz's extensive offerings are the Peppermint LimeRose Clay, and Mechanic Soap. Each is filled with unique ingredients that serve a specific purpose. 

Peppermint Lime

The Peppermint Lime Soap is ideal for exfoliating and cleaning skin. Made with salt from the Dead Sea and sea clay, this soap polishes skin by removing dead skin, while olive oil, coconut oil, and sustainably sourced palm oil moisturize. The minty, citrusy aroma is a welcoming delight when sudsing up. This soap is ideal as a hand and body soap but can be a bit harsh on our delicate faces.

Rose Clay

Perfect as an all purpose cleanser, the Rose Clay Soap is both gentle and effective. Rose Clay draws out impurities and gently exfoliates skin. The clean but not over-powering floral scent smells fresh and leaves you feeling oh-so-calm.

Mechanic Soap

This soap is special. The Mechanic Soap is our hands-down favorite from The Greater Goods. Made with activated charcoal which draws out dirt and grime from deep down in our pores, and ground walnut shells that exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, this soap leaves us feeling the cleanest we've ever been. In addition to being extremely cleansing, this soap is packed with moisturizing ingredients like cocoa butter, coconut oil, and olive oil. A blend of eucalyptus, lavender, and sweet almond oil create a fresh clean scent that only enhances the sensation of getting really, really clean!

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