The Do-Gooder Condom

All photos via L. condoms

All photos via L. condoms

There are times when sex takes you by surprise. You meet someone, it goes surprisingly well, and you end up at one of your places (or even somewhere else, you crazy kids) and neither of you has a condom. If you live in either San Francisco or Brooklyn, you now no longer have to experience the awkwardness of re-clothing yourself and stumbling over to the nearest open late-night condom proprietor. Now, you can stay happily unclothed, and order L. condoms, which will deliver a condom directly to your door in under an hour.

But even if you don’t live in either coastal city and can’t take advantage of L. Condoms brilliant new delivery service, there are plenty of other reason to make L. condoms your condom of choice. 

One To One Mission

L. was initially created by Red Cross photojournalist Talia Frankel as a response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa. For every condom that you purchase, one is distributed in a high impact area, defined as an area where people have either no access to condoms, or they are too expensive to be feasible. L. also goes a step further, working with local, female-driven non-profits in these areas to distribute condoms, allowing female entrepreneurship to thrive in areas where women often don’t have much job opportunity.

Better Ingredients

Made of purified 100% natural latex, and glycerin and paraben free, L. condoms are lubricated to be as close to a woman’s natural lubrication as possible. The external packaging is just as thoughtful; condoms come in 100% recycled packaging printed with vegetable inks, and the packaging uses no cellophane or plastic. Finally, before going to market, each condom is electronically tested to exceed FDA and international standards. 

In addition, L. has their eye on their carbon footprint. Already manufactured close to the rubber trees they use to make their latex in Southeast Asia, L. is also currently working to develop better, more sustainable ways to bring their products into the US, including alternative fuels and efficiency shipping improvements.

Who knew it was possible for sex to get even better?