Nina's Fall Workout Playlist

Nina's Fall Workout Playlist 

One of my favorite ways to unwind in the Fall is on a long bike ride through Brooklyn's Prospect Park. With the perfect playlist to accompany the ride, I can speed through quite a few miles in a blissful fast-paced haze. This current work-out playlist has accompanied me on my last few rides, and its strategic pacing has gotten me through some heart pumping blasts around the park. 

Only Real's reverb-heavy surf rock jam Cadillac Girl start it off, followed by Florence and the Machine's Delilah, whose operatic melodrama picks up in a dance-beat crescendo towards minute 1:35 and helps me get into a fast, steady pace. Danger Doom's weird, taunting Benzi Box is next, followed by some synthy, beat-heavy Purity Ring and Bear Hands tracks to keep me company while I'm in the groove.

Of course towards the the middle of any workout, a person's body starts to lag, and that's when I count on Jay-Z, M.I.A., 2 Chainz, and Nicki Minaj hits to give me the energy to move forward.

I know I can start to wind down when Phantogram singer Sarah Barthel's breathy voice starts singing in my ear, and Snowden, Alt-J, and Glass Animals help me end my ride on a trip-hoppy, endorphin-happy note.

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