DIY: Leather Cord Holders

Stay organized and untangled with this simple DIY Leather Cord Holder.

We love an organized bag, but it can be difficult to find an aesthetically pleasing way to contain the many cords we all carry. If you're facing this same problem, follow our guide to create your own leather cord holder for a functional and attractive solution.

You will need: a mallet (or hammer covered in soft fabric), an awl, a cup with an approximately 3" diameter, a chalk pencil, a utility knife, a set of heavy duty snap fasteners, and leather that's at least 1/8" thick. The leather you use can be repurposed from an old bag or jacket or you may choose to purchase a new skin online or at a leather supply shop.

These are the materials you will need to make a DIY Leather Cord holder
DIY: Leather Cord Holder. Use an utiltiy knife and a cup to cut out the circle from the leather.

Begin this project by using your utility knife and the cup to cut a circle out of the leather. Then determine the placement of the snap (about 1/4" from the edge). Push the snap lightly into the outside of the leather and remove. Use the awl to poke holes where markings were left behind by the snap. Then push snap prongs through the holes. Continue by following the directions supplied with the snap set to secure the other side of the snap. 

DIY: Leather Cord Holder: Punch a snap into your leather cord holder.
DIY: Leather Cord Holder: Use a mallet to install snap hardware.

Next, determine the placement of the opposite snap by folding the circle in half and marking with the chalk pencil the indentation made by the first snap. Repeat the steps you followed for applying the first snap. Once completed you have a chic leather cord holder that will keep your headphones, phone charger, and all your other wires from turning into a birds' nest in your bag. A simple stylish solution to a pesky problem!

DIY: Leather Cord Holder: Secure both sides of the snap.