Team Picks: Sam's Summer Essentials

ANY's Production Assistant, Sam, shares her citycentic summer essentials, from a good pair of sneaks to the perfect carry-all tote bag.

Jean Jacket by Rag and bone $275.00

I'm a really big fan of denim of all kinds, and I was looking for a good jacket for the summer that I could transition into the fall. Rag and Bone is one of my go-tos for denim. This jacket is classic but has a twist with the cutoff bottom. It's very Americana. 


I like that these sneakers are practical but also a really stylish looking shoe. They don't look super athletic, but they're very comfortable.

MYRTE Sunglasses by Chloe $295.00

I love these sunnies. I'm a small person but I have big features so I can't wear small sunglasses - ask any of my friends who've seen me try. These are great because they're the perfect in-between shape of circle and square and fit my face. They have a delicacy to them, but they're still substantial; they don't feel like they're going to break.

BANDANA by J.CREW $15.00

I would describe my style as Modern Western Americana, and a bandana is my perfect current accessory to tie together any outfit. The clothes I wear are usually pretty paired down, in muted colors without a lot of patterns, so a bandana makes it fun and styled.


I like dresses that leave something to the imagination, and this is such a versatile piece. I can wear this with a baseball hat and sneakers, or dress it up with a heeled clog and choker and go out in it. 


I have a ton of hair and it takes a long time to do. With Hair Powder I can make a blow-out last four or five days. This has a really elevated scent and it feels very summery to me; it's a newer scent and I've been with the company for a while so it's refreshing. I can't wait to see what their next limited edition scent will be. 


I need a versatile bag; a good test is if I can fit all my essentials in it, including all my personal care items and a book. But I also want to be able to empty it out and still have it look appropriate for an evening outfit. This is great because it's classic, soft black leather, and doesn't look prissy.