Sam's Summer Playlist: Summer Lovin'

Photo by Eric Masters

Photo by Eric Masters

We're really into summer here at Alder New York, which you could probably tell from our numerous summer related post. We love that for a few months of the year things slow down enough for us to enjoy the warm weather and longer days. And what do long days and warm weather pair with perfectly, other than margaritas? Music. That's why we had our production assistant, Sam, compile a list of her favorite summer songs.

I would describe Sam as being "into music." She's always going to a concert or telling us to listen to a new song she's loving. With her Summer Lovin' playlist she's not trying to be cool; she just wanted to compile songs that made her happy. Sam includes classic favorites like New Order's Age of Consent and Talking Heads' This Must Be The Place as well as tracks from contemporary artists like Jenny Lewis' Aloha & The Three Johns, a autobiographical song about a Hawaiian vacation from hell, and OMI's Cheerleader. 

Sam's good mood playlist isn't short on '90s and '00s pop princesses, either. "If I want to put a friggin' Ashlee Simpson song on my playlist I'm going to, and no one's going to stop me."

You can follow Sam and her playlists on Spotify and make sure to check back here for more featured playlists from the ANY Team.