Why Use Natural Hair Powder

Many of our customers who've never tried our Natural Hair Powder are interested, but don't understand why or how to use it. Our hair powder is an all natural dry shampoo that allows you to skip some traditional washings, and there are a lot of benefits to this.

When we use traditional shampoo and water, the shampoo works as an emulsifier to remove dirt, product buildup, and oil from our hair. This oil, produced by our scalp, is called sebum, and it provides moisture and works as natural protective barrier for our hair. While, of course, we want to clean the dirt from our hair, washing too frequently also strips it of it's natural oils, leaving it dry, brittle, and prone to breakage.

That's where our hair powder comes in. By applying it to your roots, it absorbs any excess oil, and also- thanks to the ingredient horsetail powder, an herb that is a natural antibacterial agent- kills any bacteria that leads to an itchy scalp. Even better, horsetail powder is a natural source of silicone, which provides strength and body to hair. Many people love our hair powder because it leaves their hair healthier than ever before. People who have thinning hair have also said they like the body and fullness it provides. Lastly, it can also be great on just washed and dried hair, as it adds a bit of texture to allow for different styling techniques.

To use, we recommend sprinkling about a teaspoon on your fingers and then rubbing the powder through the roots of your hair to soak up oil, rather than applying directly to your roots. Our hair powder works on light as well very dark hair if done this way, and won't leave any white residue.

If you're interested in trying our natural hair powder, we recommend you read about our different scent profiles. If you have any suggestions, questions, or feedback, please leave a comment below.