Museum of Feelings

After enough social media rumblings and an ad on the subway, we decided to visit the mysterious temporary Museum of Feelings in downtown Manhattan. We weren't quite sure what we were heading into; all we could find was a brief write-up that this would be a visual and sensory exploration of feelings, and that the Museum itself acted as a mood ring to NYC, lighting up with different colors based on its read of residents accumulated twitters, and instagrams; and also (kind of weirdly) the New York Stock Exchange. 

As we were guided through the museum in small groups of ten, we were given props before entering each room: 3D glasses for one, a scented card to smell as we entered another. Each room is interactive: in a blue lit room we jumped around as a ring of light encircled our feet, and if we ran or jumped with enough force or speed we could steal someone else's ring of light. In a pink lit room we were able to control the holographic kaleidoscope on the ceiling though touch-pads.

Almost as an aside, we were told to enjoy the fragrance that accompanied each room. We have to say, the scent was the biggest bummer of the whole experience: really synthetic and headache inducing. FInally after we experience the third awful scent, we asked one of the guides if she knew who had designed them. We were told we'd find out in a big "surprise at the end." That's when we realized this "Museum of Feelings" was just one big perfume commercial for a really shitty perfume.

Sure enough, when we stepped into the final room we saw a big Glade logo. You got us, Glade Marketing Team! Well, you got us to check out your legitimately fun advertising campaign, though you did not change our feelings abbot Glade; it smells just as terrible as we remembered. Still, we recommend you go; it feels like being at a psychedelic children's museum, which is awesome. It's free and only open until December 15th so go now, before it closes.