Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is upon us, which means you've already been bombarded with quite a few Holiday Gift Guides. But the ANY Mag's is special; we set out to find you gifts that are not only impeccably designed, but also gifts you can feel good about. Below are some of the coolest items, from some of the coolest designers manufacturing and/or based out of New York City, all who use ethical labor practices and ethically sourced materials in their work. 

Kordal, Seed stitch Hat, available at

KORDAL - SEED STITCH HAT, cream/dark grey - $77

Kordal excels at creating timeless knitwear that will never go out of style, and their reversible seed stitch hat is no exception. Made of 50% Alpaca / 50% Wool and knitted by hand in Brooklyn, this slouchy beanie is the type of hat that makes sense at Sunday brunch, or out all night at the bar. Basically, there's never a time this winter for someone not to be wearing this hat. Available at

Sofia Ramsey, Era Necklace, available at

Sofia ramsey - era necklace - $40

Everyone needs a necklace that's cool without being loud- the anti statement necklace that's quietly special. Sofia Ramsey's Era necklace, a hand cut penny casing plated in gold or silver on a chain, fits that bill perfectly. Handmade in Brooklyn, this is the kind of necklace that isn't his or hers. This feels the right amount of cool for just about anybody, so gift accordingly. Available at

LuRu Home vintage Nankeen Pillow, an ancient Chinese indigo dye technique, available at

LURU HOME - Vintage Guardian pillow - $165

While living in Shanghai, LuRu Home's founders fell in love with Nankeen, a 3,000 year old Chinese fabric tradition, and have made it their goal to keep it alive ever since. In order to make the intricate indigo dyed patterns, Chinese artisans would use hand-cut paper screens, soybean paste thickened with lime, and natural indigo dye to create fabrics that would become a big part of daily life. Vintage Nankeen fabric is relatively rare, as burning the clothing of the deceased was customary, and very few of these vintage pieces remain. LuRu Home thinks the fabric for the Guardian Pillow was part of a bedspread that was used for a dowry fifty years ago; the pattern on the fabric is a good luck and prosperity motif from Northeastern China, and the pillow is made in Brooklyn. Available at

Study NY Honeycomb Mittens, available at


Study NY was in the ethical fashion game long before it was trendy, and you can count on the line to be fully transparent in their supply chain and fabric sourcing. These 100% alpaca mittens are hand-loomed in Peru by skilled artisans. These mittens also look ace and feel like you've encased your hands in warm, soft blankets. Gifting these is an act of love. Available at 

Snowe Candle Set, available at

SNOWE - candle set - $135

Snowe believes in building your home around the essentials: basics like towels, bedding, and tableware should be timeless and luxurious. These candles- one for every room- embody all that they're about: they're hand poured in NYC by skilled artisans, made from 100% natural soy wax, and formulated with scents from all natural oils. We're hard pressed to pick a favorite, though Staycation, with scent notes of juniper twig, tonka bean, and cardamon; or Pillow talk, with scent notes of ginger root, sandalwood, and salt, are close contenders. Luckily, with this gift set you can get them all. Available at

Alder New York Grooming Gift Set with Natural Beeswax Pomade, Natural Lip Balm, Rosemary Hand & Cuticle Salve, 7" All purpose comb. Available at

Alder New YorkGrooming Gift Set - $55

The winter months can be hard on our exposed parts, which is why this Alder New York Grooming Gift Set is the kindest gift you can give to a man you love. The set comes with ANY's Rosemary Hand & Cuticle Salve, a deeply moisturizing all-natural formula with shea butter and vitamin E oil to soothe the driest skin; a Natural Lip Balm in either Clove, Juniper, or Sandalwood, made with jojoba oil and beeswax to infuse chapped lips with moisture; and a Natural Beeswax Pomade, formulated with beeswax to hydrate and tame flyway hairs, and protect from the elements. Also included is the brand's new 7" All Purpose Comb, manufactured in the USA out of pre-consumer recycled plastic, to keep that pomaded hair tidy. Tying it all together, everything is packaged in a matte black box, because looking classy is key to gifting with style, and Alder New York is all about style. Available at


Blair Lauren Brown - Mountain rings - $1037.50

Brooklyn designer Blair Lauren Brown is following her heritage. Born into a family of Alaskan jewelers, Brown works with her family's sustainably sourced Alaskan gold or recycled gold and silver to create her fine jewelry, like the Mount Shasta and Mount Denali rings. As for the diamonds, they are Kimberly Process Certified, which means they are fair trade and responsibly sourced. Available at

Fanmail, Flannel Cuff Tee, available at

FANMAIL - FlanNel cuff TEe, black - $148

We love basic tees just as much as everyone else, but with American Apparel's recent sexual harassment issues and disgruntled employee claims, it's even harder to find one we can feel good about. Enter men's line Fanmail, which uses only ethically sourced organic cotton, manufactures in NYC, and has mastered their fit so well that guys like Drake can't keep their hands off it. Transparency is what Fanmail is all about, so if you decide you need to gift more than just this piece, any item you like lists where the fabric is sourced and where it was produced. Available at

Calle Del Mar by Aza Ziegler Towel Sweatshirt, available at

Calle del mar - towel sweatshirt, navy - $98

Bicoastal clothing line Calle Del Mar has surf vibes for days, as is evident in this terry cloth Towel Sweatshirt. Made from fabric grown and woven in North Carolina, embroidered in New York City, and dyed and assembled in Los Angeles, buying this piece supports a whole lot of American manufacturing. With its boxy fit, range of cool colors, and groovy wave patch, buying this piece also supports looking really good. Available at

Caroline Kaufman Cactus Stationary set, available at instagram: @crosekauf.


When we visited artist Caroline Kaufman's Brooklyn studio the other day, we couldn't stop looking at her stationary sets: prints of her charming drawings of cacti, beetles, and mountains. They're quirky yet refined, just like everything she does. Even the wrapping they come in is special; a handmade neon yarn pom-pom adorns each set. Available at

Carrie Bilbo Porcelain Bangle Bracelet, available at

Carrie bilbo - porcelain bangle bracelet - $100

Known for her incredible craftsmanship, New York jewelry designer Carrie Bilbo consistently manages to elevate organic materials either through casting, manipulating their form, or pairing them with precious metals in unique ways. Here, inspired by the human need to adorn, and the concept that jewelry was the first sign of a cognitive human brain, Bilbo created her Porcelain Bangle Bracelet, an homage to the use of human teeth in early jewelry. Even without the backstory, this piece stands out as unusual, crafted completely of porcelain and painted with gold paint made with 10% real gold, and hand crafted in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Available at

Carleen, Quilt Coat, Alder New York Holiday Gift Guide, available at

CARLEEN -yoke QUILt COAT - $745

Brooklyn-based cool-girl brand Carleen is known for their quirky silhouettes and beautiful textures and fabrications, and this one of a kind coat is no exception. Made in NYC from a 1925 handmade quilt, it's a piece that has a rich history already built in. Available at